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No description

Sydni Chaney

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Hair

Dress Code Problems
Tattoos and Piercings
People should not be ashamed of expressing themselves and letting their personalities shine. People express their feelings and the things they think are important through art on their skin, and piercings. We could allow them, just not too many to make it distracting. Tattoos should also be school appropriate so there is no distractions. There should be a set limit of visible tattoos and piercing per person so distractions don't happen.
Personal Hygiene
Students who stink distract more than flashy clothes and hair any day. The dress code should include rules on personal grooming which include showering, brushing teeth, washing clothes,and wearing deodorant. When people stink others around them notice and don't focus on their studies.
Hair Color
As we are transitioning into adulthood we need more freedom to express ourselves and find out who we are. Our hairstyles help to express who we are. If we have a colorful personality why can't we express it through our hair color. The rule of no hair color is restricting us from showing our differences as individuals.
Sheer sleeve tops should be allowed because the only parts that are showing are your arms. Small rips in jeans should be allowed as long as they fit the wearer properly and doesn't show excessive amounts of skin. All girls wear or should wear a bra. Its not our fault that straps can sometimes be seen. If we are going to spend 8+ hours at school we should at least be comfortable. We should at least be allowed to wear sweatpants because when we are comfortable we are not distracted by uncomfortable clothing.
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