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Marketing Strategies to Differentiate

Kent & Sussex IFP Branch Meeting - 26 March

Abbie Tanner

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Strategies to Differentiate

(a presentation for people who hate marketing)

What are your BIGGEST marketing CHALLENGES?
Managing Director, A Business Innovation
Abbie is incredibly passionate about helping financial planners to grow their business through strategic, targeted marketing. She draws on more than 15 years' financial services experience in the UK, US and Australia. Abbie lectured in Marketing and eBusiness at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), while working at AMP and Henderson Global Investors. In the UK, she has supported large and small financial planning firms, whilst consulting to companies such as Invesco, SEI and JPMorgan. Today she regularly presents at forums on marketing, social media, web strategy and working with professional partners.
Identify WHO you are targeting
WHAT will resonate with them?
HOW do you look different and SPEAK in a language that will resonate?
Be DIFFERENT, and people will start talking
a Unique Process™
Spend money more EFFECTIVELY
Identify your GAPS
Spend TIME not MONEY
Speaking engagements
1. Appoint a resource or put time in your calender
2. Sanity check your Value Proposition
with your top clients
3. Create your annual marketing plan and set budgets
4. Set up social media channels
5. Get active
Marketing Strategies to DIFFERENTIATE
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