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Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

No description

Alexis Rodriguez

on 25 February 2018

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Transcript of Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

Inspect aircraft components
Examine engines
Clean refuel or change the oil of the aircraft
Repair aircraft damage

What type of education needed?
What's needed is a FAA certified training program. It's able to take between 2 to 4 years. ( They promote the safety of aircraft's)
What type of skills are needed?
Determine what type if maintenance is required
Being able to repair the damage
Being able to troubleshoot the system to check if it's working properly
Written comprehension (Being able to Understand the information)
Being able to precisely coordinate your hands with small objects.
Work environment
The environment for this career really corresponds with me since their is little to no paper work involved as well as not having to work with others. Sometimes the other people can slow you down and make a mistake. If I'm able to work alone I can know what I did wrong.
It also has routines which helps me be on track and not lose myself. They also have a authority figure which will keep me on check.
DO I see myself being one?
I do, they get a relatively fair wage. It does increase and will help me stay financially stable.
Fun facts
Must have steady hands and that's able to grasp small things. (My chunky fingers don't let me do that)
Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
By: Alexis
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