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My Life in

No description

Ebe O

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of My Life in

My Life in Pink & Green
By : Ebe 6P

In the book "My Life in Pink & Green", the main character is Lucy Desberg who is 12 years old in grade seven and lives with her mom and grandma. Lucys best friend in the book is Sunny Ramir who's always on Lucy's side and helps her out with everything. Last but not least Jane Desberg (mom) and Dorris Desberg (grandma). Lucy doesn't have any special super power, but is very talented and loves to do makeup.
A plot is the main events of a play, novel, film, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.
More About the Book
I would recommend this to girls or people who like make up that are 10 years of age or older. This is for people who love suspense. If you do decide to read this book also try reading the sequel, "My Summer of Pink and Green".
Main Characters
This story takes place in a small town in Connecticut. Lucy lives in an apartment in Old Mill. She calls the pharmacy her second home. Lucy always goes to the pharmacy to do girls make-up and help in the relaxation room.She goes to Old Mill School and after school participates in an earth club.
Lisa Greenwald didn't always want to be a writer. At first she wanted to be a hair stylist, then a concert pianist, and all of a sudden a rabbi. But she always loved making up stories. So I think writing was the perfect job for her to pick.
Author: Lisa Greenwald
Old Mill Pharmacy
Point of View
This is an alternate of first person and third person because Lucy is tell the story some of the time and the author the rest.
Favorite and Least Favorite
My favorite part of this book is around the middle when Lucy helps her best friend Sunny with trying to get a boy to notice her. Its my favorite because I can count on my friends to do something like this for me. Also I can make a text to self connection.
My least favorite part is when Lucy's grandma Dorris is thinking about selling their house.
That's It For Me !!!
Old Mill School
I can definitely say that this is one the most extraordinary books in the world that i have ever seen or read! If I were to rate this you can count me giving this amazing book 5 stars or even 10!
The main idea is that there is a family struggling to keep their pharmacy open. Lucy Desberg tries to save the pharmacy by sending a going green grant, that she found at earth club to mayor Danes to make Old Mill Pharmacy a green place. She uses her knowledge from eco friendly websites she found to make great ideas happen in there store!
There are 2 conflicts in this book which are:
- Lucy's family pharmacy is going into dept. Now they are thinking of a way to save their second home from falling apart. Hopefully the Desberg family will find a way to get the money in time, before they will take desperate measures.
- Lucy's best friend Sunny has trouble with boys and needs desperate help. When its time for Sunny to take a chance she always backs down. Will she build enough courage to conquer her fear?
This is a realistic fiction. I have never read a book like this before until I came across this book. A realistic fiction is a type of genre that is not only make-belief but it is as if its happening in real life!!
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