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MS&E 277 Winter 2014: Mid-course I Like/I Wish

what could be better?

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of MS&E 277 Winter 2014: Mid-course I Like/I Wish

copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
I can do the takeaways on time
The class would start later (10 am would be a lot better)
We did not have so much scheduling for group work
Sit more
I could be more brave to speak out my opinion
we could practice prototyping DP2
more clear on the objectives of projects
To explore/brainstorm/prototype
have classes outside of the classroom more often!
the TT would participate more with us during class (like they did during debrief :)
slightly more focused direction on projects
DP2 weren't so hard
I can be more creative and useful for my team
there were more opportunities to give feedback
there was a class website!
gluten-free, no sugar added breakfast option
healthy breakfast
more creative breakfasts
there were more frequent, short debriefs in small groups (5 min once a week?)
flow between activities
want to know more
I could have gotten to know everyone better
I had a copy of the playlist
I could come every day
every class we have a game
we spent more time on drawing
I had a better grasp of the class progression
Reading list on topics covered in class
we can waste less paper
we could access further reading on the d.school frameworks
we had more improv games as warmups (and/or liquid flow exercises)
there was a better way to communicate with the students instead of dense e-mails
we can have a wider range of topics to choose from DP2
more time working on tangible projects
we could have free draw/doodle time/ sketch books!
we had a little more direction/structure for DP2
my startup were related to design
our design projects can involve building things (physically touchable/visible)
time set aside for individual reflection during class
the theme for each is clearer so we can conceptualize topics better
we had more time for EPAPA project
we started DP2 exercise earlier (more empathy time)
more instruction/ directions/ guidelines for the projects
we did more warmup
challenges that apply to what we do daily - D.LIFE -
we would receive more guidance for DP2 - a more defined goal, as opposed to "something with EPAPA"
finding a way to actually retain everything learned in class
I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller... (singing)
there were more trips to Google
we had a class website with announcements + class captures
debriefs happened in small groups
reflective group discussions

(IL or IW?)
I wish...
I like...
Note: it's possible that some IW here were actually IL --> look at pic
we can dress in fancy dress and come here and go wild
karaoke night would be awesome!
more practice prototyping
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