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The Goddess

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Goddess

My Goddess
My goddesses name is Celia, and she is the goddess of rain. Celia is the daughter of Posidon and she can control the rain, where water comes from and how much there is.
Is Celia positive or negative?
She is positive because she brings water to the people in need of something to drink or for crops to grow. She can Make rain from the clouds. Celia could also be negative because people believe that if you did something bad she would bring to you dozens of flash floods and hard rain.
Why Is Celia helpful to people today?
She is helpful to people today because like people now they need water to survive. They need it to drink and grow things and she would bring water to them.
What is Celia's Symbol?
Celia's symbol is a raindrop that fell from the sky.
Other facts about Celia
Celia's animal is an angelfish. She has that animal because she is gentle like an angel. She has her own rain clouds named Billy and Bob. Billy's raindrops are named Billy Jr and Bob's raindrops are named Bob Jr. Her eyes are as blue as the ocean and her blue dress is made up of the finest silk in the world.
The Goddess Of Rain
by: Megan Wagenblast

Why Should Celia be elected to rule Mt. Olympus?
I think Celia should be elected ruler of Mt. Olympus because she is a kind gentle girl that will bring peace and Mt. Olympus will stay peaceful.
water, clouds
sun, fire, and vegetables
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