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Kathryn Gray

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

We are a diverse coalition of groups working
together to make Michigan
communities more livable,
create equitable opportunities for all people,
and build a more robust economy through transportation policy reform Completing
Michigan's Streets Grand Rapids 24th time is the charm...
...RTA becomes a reality Give Communities Local Options Infrastructure Bank Can we travel from Detroit to Traverse City using public transit? Grand Traverse Tim Fischer,
Michigan Environmental Council

April 17, 2013 300+ community voices 18 communities 1 call to action by the Governor MI Transportation
Odyssey preserving our fields
and green space losing them to useless highway over passes that encourage sprawl... dollars are focused on:
preserving existing communities
providing a clear public benefit
offering higher return on investment OR complete communities strategic people voice options equitable Creating an environmentally sustainable transportation system locals take advantage of voter-approved options
allow Michigan to invest in our infrastructure Passenger Rail in Michigan putting a face to the community forums Collected 50+ video stories from across the state Collaborating with our Partners... ...to educate our communities on the Federal Transportation Law - Map 21 Questions? 80+ local community policies 1,000+ comments = 1 strong MDOT policy #t4mstory @t4michigan tim@environmentalcouncil.org
heather@cec-mi.org p: 517.487.9539 www.trans4m.org Transportation Funding Priority for Governor in 2013 "We need to build a transportation system that is a catalyst for economic vitality and quality of life in Michigan...more than funding for roads and bridges.

It must maintain our current roads and bridges, increase support for public transit, link our cities by rail, and provide safe routes for walking and biking in our communities.” - Chris Kolb, MEC MDOT Long Range Plan :: Public Comment Trans4M Monthly
Webinar Series Harriet Tubman Center rallied 1,500 (RECORD BREAKING) residents to submit
feedback on non-motorized/transit alternatives in response

MDOT Director Steudle pointed to flood of support in rejecting road builders’ play for TAP funds $26 million = bike/ped projects
Passenger Rail in Michigan
Great Lakes Rail Corridor Study
Legislative Outlooks 2011 Rail Summit Advocating for a modern, environmentally sustainable transportation system 16 forums statewide
Demonstration train line from
Detroit to Lansing to Grand Rapids James Corless, Director,
Transportation for America Kirk Steudle, Director
Michigan Department of Transportation Transportation Legislative Briefing Making the Most of MAP – 21:
A Review of the 2012 Federal Transportation Law and its impact to MI Thursday, Feb. 7
House Office Building Legislative Action meeting with officials to ensure strong regional advocates for board appointment
board development - first meeting in April
hiring RTA CEO and staff
campaign to raise local revenues Creating a Truly Regional RTA Transportation Alternative Programs (TAP) "Great things are done by a
series of small things brought together."

- Vincent Van Gogh Partnership with Issue Media Group (IMG) Fuel Forward Fuel Saving Strategies for Fleet Managers develop a baseline of your fleet’s performance
survey your fleet’s fuel use and emissions output
identify the most feasible strategies for meeting your fleet’s unique objectives
identify the right vehicles and fuels to implement across your fleet, as well as potential funding opportunities Solid Majorities Support all Types of Transportation Projects new stations: Pontiac, Battle Creek, New Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Troy, Dearborn
high speed rail - 110 MPH on the Wolverine Line
purchased 137 miles of track from Kalamazoo to Dearborn Ridership increases to over 800,000
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