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Solving Systems of Equations - Choosing a Method

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Jason Hoy

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Solving Systems of Equations - Choosing a Method

Solving Systems of Equations
Substitution may be your best method if you have an isolated variable in at least one of the equations. The biggest problem with the substitution method is that it may require a large amount of simplification.
The elimination method is useful when isolating a variable may be difficult but you might easily create a common coefficient for a particular variable. The biggest problem with the elimination method is that it requires a great deal of organization and mistakes happen easily if you aren't organized.
The graphing method is helpful when solving word problems or when both equations are already in slope-intercept form. The main problem with using this method is that you may need to estimate where the two lines intersect. If you believe that the system may have a solution that is not an integer, it is best to avoid this method.
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Yay Math!
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Yay Math!
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