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No description

Hayley Newman

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Mitochondria

Powerhouse of the Cell

By: Hayley and Zoe

- The outside is shaped like a blimp

- Encased in outer membrane

- Inner membrane encased in the mitochondria

- The inner membrane is folded over like an accordion

- Around the inner membrane is filled with enzymes, mDNA, and ribosomes

Structure and Composition
Size and Frequency in Different Cell Types
- The mitochondria is a medium/small size compared to the other organelles

- It is bigger than the lysosomes and smaller than the Golgi Apparatus
- The more active a cell is the more
mitochondria is there.
- Mitochondria converts energy into ATP.
Purpose and Function
- The mitochondria are located in plants, animals, fungi, and other forms of life cells.
- Mitochondria are scattered throughout the space in the cell.

- When the Mitochondria converts energy into ATP the mitochondria vibrates and creates noise.
- Mitochondria can only work when you breathe in oxygen.
- The reason you breathe in is to give the mitochondria oxygen to produce ATP.
Step 1: Melt chocolate into an oval shaped mold.

Step 2: Fill the whole chocolate shell with pixy stick powder until the chocolate is all the way covered.

Step 3: Lay candy spaghetti in wavy manner on top of the powder.

Candy Model
Fun Facts!
Thanks for listening!
Step 4: Add nerds and scatter around the space within the oval
- ATP is the molecule all other organelles use to do their work

- The mitochondria makes ATP in the inner membrane space, by breaking down sugar in a process called cellular respiration.

- Mitochondria are not found in bacteria, which has to carry out cellular respiration on their main cell membrane instead.
- Cell respiration is called that because it needs oxygen to work

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