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Papa's Parrot

No description

Keara Cannup

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Papa's Parrot

Papa's Parrot By: Josh Rivers
and Keara Canupp Characters and Setting Plot: The sequence of events. The Authors plan of what happens, when it happens, and how it happens. Resolution: The Resolution is when the conflict is resolved. Theme: The meaning, moral, or message about life that the Author wants the reader to recieve. Thank you for watching our Prezintation on the short story elements in Papa's Parrot. We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed!!!! :) The conflict is resolved when Papa's Parrot repeates his words, "Where is Harry? I miss him. This made Harry regret not coming to the Candy Shop. The Theme or moral of this story is to spend as much time with your family as possible. Live each day like it's the last. Falling Action: When the conflict is starting to be resolved. In this story, the falling action is when Harry cleans up the candy shop and unpacks boxes while his Papa is in the Hospital. Rising Action: The building up of the conflict in the story. The Rising Actions are when Harry's Papa gets a parrot and when Papa has a heart attack. Climax: The turning point in the story. The Climax is when when Papa is in the Hospital. Characters: The person,thing, or animal the story revolves around. The characters in this story are Harry Tillian, Mr. Tillian, and Mr. Tillian's parrot. Now let's move on to Plot Setting: The place,time,location,
etc. of the story. The settings of this story are Mr. Tillian's Candy Shop and the Hospital. Exposition: Introduction to charcters and conflict. In this story the exposition is the fact that Harry no longer visits his dads candy shop.
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