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Copy of Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK


Walter Guevara

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK

Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK
Mahmuda Hamid
Schantel Jackson
Victoria Tsang
Hui Ming Wu
Hui Yang
Iwona Zarzecka

Open and friendly
Leaders are considered to be mentors or even parental figures.
Group loyalty and sense of tradition are strong.

Ex: Brodsky’s desire to keep his personal life separate from his professional life also bothered Keller. This circumspection was not characteristic of most of the other managers at Königsbräu-TAK.

-Although this can be a good quality it also sometimes gives us the impression that you don’t believe in “teamwork.”
A results-driven
focused on job completion.
competitive and goal-oriented.
Leaders are demanding, hard-driving, and productive.
Keller believed that Brodsky had excellent analytical skills and that
he had done a superb job of redesigning the sales force organization and of developing a comprehensive set of information and control systems. However, it took his over six months to do so, and Keller suspected that it might have taken even longer, had Keller not put a freeze on sales hires until Brodsky completed it.
Style Differences
Keller: Pacesetting-Hands on, Leads by
example, Takesover projects

Example: Annoyed by Brodsky’s response, Keller drove three hours one Friday evening to confront the distributor. After a long and heated discussion, he returned to Kiev with a check for the full amount.
Brodsky's Needs
Need for Achievement- Brodsky feels unrecognized and underappreciated

Example: The memorandum gave a detailed list of his accomplishments during his first year as commercial director and took issue with Keller’s criticisms of his management style. Brodsky also defended his delegatory management style, arguing that it was essential for the development of his subordinates.

Need for Power- Brodsky feels undermined by Keller's interventions and overlooked by managers

Example: He also notes that Zelenko was heavily involved in both sales and marketing and that several middle managers seemed far more comfortable dealing with Zelenko than with Brodsky. Brodsky explained that this resulted from his delegating tasks appropriately to Zelenko.
Competence and Commitment

Overall Issue: Brodsky's is competent but has personality issues. His commitment however could improve by following through with his assignments in a timely fashion.

Examples: However, it took his over six months to do so, and Keller suspected that it might have taken even longer, had Keller not put a freeze on sales hires until Brodsky completed it.
Solution One
Form Relational Trust
Form Informal Relationships
Brodsky not as defensive
Keller delegate and rely on Brodsky more
3 Solutions
Solution Two

Increase Incentives

Increase motivation
Finish tasks in timely manner
Improve overall job satisfaction
Solution Three
Increase in Communication
Better understandings
More informed status of projects
More efficient execution

Brodskys mandatory attendance in non-work-related activities such as quarterly lunches. Consequence being a negative reflection in next evaluation.
Way to Implement:
Reward Brodsky for high performance and quick execution by recognizing through a weekly newsletter.
Ways to Implement

Brodsky has to have weekly face-to-face interaction with Keller and his subordinates by holding meetings with both parties.
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