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Task 2: Tracking Marketing Campaign of a Film

The tracking and successful marketing campaign for the American film 'Bridesmaids'

Zoe Stewart

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Task 2: Tracking Marketing Campaign of a Film

Marketing Campaign
Trailer Analysis SYDNEY -- Universal Pictures International’s campaign for the local release of Bridesmaids in June picked up the inaugural Movie Marketer of the Year award at the Australian International Movie Convention on Wednesday, winning a package of ad space in News Ltd. print and digital publications worth up to $250,000.

Bridesmaids was judged the best overall movie campaign of 2011 by a panel of entertainment industry judges who commended Universal Pictures. Success in Sydney Universal Pictures International’s campaign for the local release of Bridesmaids in June picked up the first Movie Marketer of the Year award at the Australian International Movie Convention and winning a package of ad space in News Ltd. print and digital publications worth up to $250,000.
Universal Pictures were awarded an international movie-marketing award for Bridesmaids in Australia for their planned use of marketing and advertising when promoting the film. But what I think really stood out about this campaign was Universal’s ability to target into the minds of its target market- women. Bridesmaids hosted a Facebook contest where they asked fans to send in pictures of themselves in their worst bridesmaid gowns. 30 bridesmaids were chosen and hosted at the Angelika Theatre in New York City where they were shown a special screening. As many women are hooked to social networking sites they were encouraged to tweet, post to Facebook and blog during the film. The word quickly spread that the movie was hilarious and heart-warming and would definitely become a box office sensation. By using Facebook they would have immediately captured the attention of thousands of people.

Bridesmaids was judged the best overall movie campaign of 2011 by a panel of entertainment industry judges who praised Universal Pictures in “their clear identification of campaign challenges.” Trailer Link Bridesmaids Film Trailer Analysis

Plot Line - Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honour. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love.

Bridesmaids are filmed in America and stars American actors/actresses. One of the stars is Melissa McCarthy who also starred in ‘The Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Mike & Molly’ people who have seen these programmes will then be more intrigued to see the film as they recognize her from other things. The institutional reference by Universal is played before the trailer begins so the viewer knows who it’s made by. Universal is a very well known film institution so the film is instantly given high expectations. As well as this a certificate of (R) Restricted has been given so the viewer instantly knows the level of appropriateness there is in the upcoming film. No celebrity names are included in the intertitles to entice the viewer however one intertitle states ‘From the producers of Knocked Up and The 40 Year old Virgin’ and ‘This May’ to show the viewer when the film is coming and what other films the company have produced so they now how it could be similar in some ways and either attract them or not.

The audience for the film Bridesmaids is most likely to be teenage girls skewed between the ages 16 – 25. The reasons for this particular choice in audience is firstly because the vast majority of the characters are female therefore allowing the viewer to create a relationship with the character at ease and understand their feelings. In addition the general plot line of bridesmaids of getting married and fussing over it is more appealing to women as it is something they dream and hope for or have done themselves. As well as this particular conventions that are stereotypical of a ‘chick flick’ such as the entire film based on romance and particular events such as dress shopping and heart to heart events occur, which are typical things that target the attention of most females.

Like most trailers it is made up of a 3 act structure, the first which lays out the story of what is going on in the film. In this case the bride tells her best friend that she will be her maid of honour so as to show the audience exactly who is who and build a relationship with characters. The second act is when the maid of honour meets everyone and they decide to go to Vegas for the bachelorette party thus making the climax of the narrative. This is then followed by the third act of the girls in the dressing rooms to show that the end is near. However because the genre of the film is girly and is classed as a ‘chick flick’ then there is not really a dramatic climax as the structure of the narrative is more relaxed and humorous than a typical action film that follows the three act structure precisely. The camera angles are an effective way to attract the audience. Predominately full length shots of the characters and surroundings are used so that it shows as much of the scene as possible and gives the audience a feel of the kind of surroundings and locations the characters will be in which could potentially attract them this is also supported by the frequent use of pan shots. As well as the opening scene shows over the shoulder shots as the 2 main characters have their deep conversation. The use of this instantly shows the friendship between the characters and the depth of the conversation. In addition to this it helps to give the impression of a heart to heart conversation which has been seen to be a stereotypical fixation in a chick flick as a result drawing in the target audience. The other camera angle used to help the film attract the audience is a eye line shot of the girl looking at the laptop and how she feels when reading the list and allows the audience to identify with her.

There are a variety of different sound techniques used in the trailer to help attract the audience. Firstly when the first two characters begin speaking and get excited their voices are almost squealing and very high pitched which is stereotypical of the female gender once excited, therefore capturing their attention. As well as this stings are used to help make it more energetic and dramatic when the intertitles appear on the screen. In some ways the sting could help make the information more noticeable on the screen to the target audience. As the film also contains a few comical sketches when these particular moments are played in the trailer the music suddenly stops before the punch line to ensure the audience definitely hears it and helps to make it funnier and emphasises its importance to the film. The music and song choice is the same throughout however it gets louder towards the end when the shots are shorter and contain less dialogue to emphasise the climax of the film. Lastly a variety of foley sounds including footsteps and glasses clinking to help create verisimilitude within the diegesis of the trailer.

The trailer lasts for 2:25 and there are quite a lot of shots produced within this time. They vary from long shots to very short shots only lasting a few seconds. Frequent intertitles are used to inform the viewer of dates and add ons to the plot of the story. The use of shorter shots towards the climax of the 3 act structure helps to make it look more exciting which automatically draws the viewer in as they want to watch the drama and find out what happens. Match on action shots are used to help the viewer relate to the main character Annie before they have watched the full film. They use this technique when the other bridesmaids are deciding on the bachelorette party theme and Annie doesn’t like the idea so a quick match on action shot is used on her face as she pulls funny expressions to their ideas. To help make the film a suitable chick flick obvious items and locations have been used to ensure the needs of this target audience genre are met. The iconic props used for the wedding themed film are flower bouquets, champagne glasses and jewellery. The objects draw the audience to watch the film as it represents the stereotypical female. As well as this the clothing worn by the characters are predominately posh dresses or smart outfits with glittered cardigans which puts the characters into a stereotypical example of how posh ‘upper class’ people dress and instantly gives the impression of quite ‘snooty’ and uptight people. It allows the viewer to understand the characters as well and their personality. Another example is the character played by Melissa McCarthy wears floral or plain shirts tucked into plain trousers which help to portray her character of possibly unpopular and ordinary to the audience. The locations used are mostly large houses with modern décor which helps to give the audience an idea of the time setting and the types of surroundings the plot is based in. At one point a binary opposition of the pub setting is used to show the audience that the location does change and doesn’t just stay in the same place throughout. This encourages the audience as it makes them wonder if there are any other interesting locations that the characters visit. Bridesmaids http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi4215119129/
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