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Equality & Diversity

No description

Lisa Jolley

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Equality & Diversity

making progressive steps to awareness.................
Equality & Diversity
Introduction to Equality and Diversity
1. List 5 protected characteristics of Equality and Diversity Law

2. List 5 mental health disabilities

3. List 3 physical health disabilities

4. What percentages of disabilities are mental?

5. Identify 1 mental health condition & describe a suitable reasonable adjustment to support an individual

6. Explain treatment given to people with moderate depression

7. List 3 celebrities with a physical disability; state their condition and explain a reasonable adjustment to support them within their work.
Utilising the web: In groups – locate the information via the web / libraries
on the 2 questions given, on the condition ‘Cerebral Palsy’

Create a visually engaging flip chart;
that 1 person in your group (to be chosen
by the tutor) to present your
information to the others
groups in 15minutes.

What is a Disability?
A condition or function judged to be significantly impaired relative to the usual standard.

Such as; physical impairment, sensory impairment, cognitive impairment, intellectual impairment, mental illness, and various types of chronic disease.

Living with a disability is a multidimensional experience for the person involved.
Could you answers
these 10 questions
on depression?
Culture / Race
Marriage / Civil Partnership
Gender Reassignment
Pregnancy / Maternity
Religion / Beliefs
Tell me which conditions you've heard off...........

List as many as possible on to the post it notes;
1 condition per post it note
Categorise which
is the
hardest to
live with?
In what ways are we different?
In allocated groups, discuss your knowledge of depression; and present the information on a flip chart to the other groups.

Lifestyle changes
Inconveniences of the illness
Support available in the community
Reasonable adjustments that can be made by employers / the high street
Verify your knowledge;

in groups organise the true / false statements on the generalisations of depression
Now its your turn

Mental health presentation
and delivery
List as many
celebrities with
a physical
disability as
In groups list as many physical disabilities as possible;

1 condition per post it note
Wh am I?
Reasonable adjustments
What can be adapted within the home?
What can be adapted in the workplace / college?
How can society help individuals?
The duty to make reasonable
adjustments aims to make sure that,
as far as is reasonable, a disabled
worker has the same access to
everything that is involved
in doing and keeping a job
as a non-disabled person.
Religion / Beliefs
Race / Culture
Marriage /
Civil Partnership

Pregnancy /

Complete the Complywise
on-line assessment on disability; scoring 100% to receive certificate of achievement
Can you
match the
celebrity and
their condition?
Ellie Simmonds
Muhammed Ali
Michael J Fox
Heather Mills
Oscar Pistorious
Stephen Hawking
Stevie Wonder
Moto-neuron disease
Hypothesize on the questions Christy’s parents would have been asking themselves out their son when he was aged 5?

Why did Christy’s dad take him to the pub?

What category do you feel Christy’s condition falls in to?
Mild / Moderate / Severe

How would Christy’s life be different if he was born 20 years earlier and if he was born 20 years later?

What adaptations do you notice for people
with a disability in society?

at work
travel & transport
public buildings
signs and notices
Look at your list of words:

Which of these words are negative?

Which of these words are used as general insults?

Which of these words wouldn’t you like to be called?
Watch and discuss:

Why do you think that the parents are complaining?

What do you think the BBC should do?
Cerrie Burnell, has been a CBeebies presenter since January 2009. But a number of parents have complained to the BBC, claiming that she scares their children.
Define disability

Identify how language contributes towards prejudice against disability

Discuss ways of dealing with disability prejudice in college

Do you think the man should have told the interviewer about his depression?

Why do you think the interviewer reacted like that?

Can the interviewer decide not to employ the man?

Do you think the man should take the job?
Watch the video clip:
College policy document

It’s against the law for colleges to discriminate against someone on the basis of their disability.
It’s against college rules to bully or harass someone because of a disability.
If you think you are being discriminated against, speak to your tutor. If this does not solve the problem fill in a complaints form available from the advice centre.
You can expect your complaint to be dealt with – if necessary your tutor will take your complaint up with the Equality Coordinator.
If you think you are being bullied because of a disability or you witness this, speak to your tutor.
Bullying could include name calling, threats, rude gestures or more subtle things like staring or isolating someone from a group.
You can expect your tutor to speak to the students involved and use the college disciplinary procedure.
Divide into teams of 3/4 and collect your equipment from the tutor, then listen to all instructions carefully to win.
In groups answer the questions below, and summarise the duties of an employer when in comes to reasonable adjustments.
How is travel / transport adapted?
with learning...........
Turning Point
Organise the word cards in to 4 categories, making columns:

then call over the tutor to check you answers - fastest team with all the correct answers wins!
How do people
feel with depression?
How many consecutive days of
feeling negative are required
before a mental health
professional would consider
diagnoses depression?
What treatment
is given for
mild depression?
What treatment
is given for
severe depression?
How can you help
yourself in
reducing / eliminating
What are physical
symptoms of
What is Cognitive
What is the best
course of action
if feeling suicidal?
What support for
depression is available
within most
local communities?
What are the effects
of smoking Cannabis
on a person
with depression?
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