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liliana villa

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Avabel

How to play! This app is made for all apple products only. The game is completely free RATE An app similar to this app is Eden eternal.What makes this app better is you get more classes, its more of a challenge to work it, you have a variety of more things, and Avabel is free! AVABEL About me! Avabel This game is a online role playing game. You can play with people from everywhere! In this wonderful game you can pick a class. What I mean by class is that you can pick your fighting skill. (Like a creator, mage, warrior, rouge, and many more!) Also in this game you can be in whats called a guild, a guild is just like a group you work with or I should say your team. (you can create teams or join teams like TOS, cruixs, bEsT eVeR, and JUDGEMENT. What you basically do in this game is fight monsters and the more monsters you fight the more you level up. This game is totally addicting when you have a group of friends working with you. This game is good for kids who are ages 10 and up! Also this app can be educational by many ways!
This app teaches you how to create strategies by finding out which attack is more powerful, or how they need to get to there goal, and also who to put in your team like you need a healer and long distance shooter, or whatever works best for you. This game is a a lot of brain work because its like a puzzle. Also you have to organize or level out many things like your money, your inventory, your jexp (power points), your sp (your magic points), and your hp (life points). I have to say i would give this game a 8/10 because it does not have a story line, and lags every once in a while, but over all its a good game. What you do first is create your character and name your character. Once that is done you get out in the fields (go through a portal) and fight monsters by tapping the blue button on your screen. As soon as you reach level five you can pick your class and then go to the weapon shop to buy your weapon, To pick your class you have to go in either Astoria or Revere and find the person under class and select what you want, now if you end up not liking your class you can change it, expect after level 20 you can not change your class. Lastly you go to the armor shop to sell your things and get your armor on. In order to do this is you click what you want and select "okay" and it will ask you to confirm your purchase and you can click yes or no. Then go into your equipment under menu and click what you want on and you should be ready to level up more. Now that you are settled you need to get some skills and change your status! you go into the menu under character after that click what skill you want and it should say acquire. For your status you click status up and hit the arrows and that's it. Now all that's left is get into a group, but that's optional! What you do is go to the person under guild which can be located in Astoria or Revere. Then you click the guild board and click a guild you want and see if the leader accepts you in the group. That's basically all that you need to learn how to play. (P.S it took me a week to learn how to play XD)
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