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Pron practice

No description

L. Mous

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Pron practice

Linking words
within sentences 1. Weak forms 2. Liason I would like some tea.
Not: I - would - like - some - tea
But: I'd like s'm tea Practice: I did not want to go there but I had to.
As a matter of fact, I saw him at the post office this morning.
They should have realised that there was no alternative. 1. Consonant + vowel clusters
e.g. The good old days

Especially with /r/
e.g. The centre of town Intrusive linking /r/
I saw a film yesterday
The idea is to leave at noon 2. Linking /w/ and /j/
e.g. I ate three egss for breakfast
e.g. So I said to him...
so-w-I Practice: Let's meet here at three o'clock.
My uncle Paul lives in Wales.
Has she ever been to America? Some other pron practice Does this rhyme? --> golf - wolf Which is different?
hive - high - width - dye Pronounce: ray - race - rays Lengtening & shortening
Vowels are short if they are followed by a voiceless sound.
These are /p, t, k, f, s/ and the sh in 'shine' or the th in 'thin'.
e.g. breath, surf.
Vowels are long if they are followed by a voiced sound
or by no sound at all.
e.g. breathe, serve, sir Pronounce: pace - space Aspiration
/p, t, k/ are aspirated (pronounced with a puff of air) at the start of. EXCEPT when they are preceded by an s-sound. Pronounce: place - plays Final devoicing
If a word ends in a voiced sound (mostly with /v, d, z/)
they are pronounced as such (and not as /f, t, s/).
e.g. bed = /bed/ (not 'bet')
pens = /penz/ (not 'pens')
This also goes for initial or middle devoicing.
e.g. pace - bass and live - life Pronounce: pack - back Pronounce: debt Pronounce: accomodaction.
Where is the stress? Words ending in -ation
Take the stress of the original ver (com'municate)
Keep this stress in the word with -ation (com'munication)
(So not 'communication)
There are exceptions to the rule! Read: 1. Imports from the US have
increased with the rise of the Euro.
2. They commented on the plan
to contest the court's decision
3. The produce has been exported
to Nigeria. Homographs
Noun: stress on the first syllable --> 'permit
Verb: stress on the second syllable --> per'mit
There are exceptions. e.g. debate, comment
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