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No description

Jenny Overal

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Sponsorship

by Jenny Overal
Watch the advert, listen carefully ...
The global industry that is........
Football - How much is it worth?
The Power of Nike
Emotion of adverts?
How did the advert make you feel?
Which audience is this aimed at?

Season tickets
Student task
Think of the adverts placed within sport, what are these? why?
Explain why this type of company are targeting this audience?
Nike, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), was founded by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman in January 1964. The company initially operated as a distributor for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger (now ASICS), making most sales at track meets out of Knight's automobile.
How much is Nike worth?
£83 billion USD
Who is Michael Jordan?
Jordan’s net worth is estimated at $650 million thanks to years of endorsement checks and $90 million in salary from the Bulls
Jordan still resonates strongly with consumers. His 22 million Facebook fans rank fourth among athletes, behind only soccer icons Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and David Beckham.
The Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, is responsible for the vast majority of MJ’s earnings. Jordan partnered with Nike after being drafted by the Bulls out of North Carolina in 1984. The original five-year deal was worth $500,000 annually, plus royalties. The terms of Jordan’s current deal with Nike are a closely guarded secret, but royalties now generate more than $60 million annually for MJ, according to sources.
Gender and Stereotypes
Bring in a form of media communication highlighting these issues, for us to discuss as a group and to use in creating a poster
Next lesson

The world famous Nike “swoosh” logo was designed by graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Davidson got paid only $35 for the logo design!
The name “Nike” was chosen in reference to the Greek Goddess of victory
Nike’s footwear has a 38% share of the sports footwear market, making it the most successful sports footwear manufacturer in the world!
The true power of football?

How did football begin?
Changing lives?
What is sponsorship?
Brand awareness
Financial support
Commercial opportunities
Relationships sponsee v sponsor
What sponsors want?
Attract an audience
Increased product awareness
Who can get sponsored?
Me? You?
Why not?
Student task: what characteristics or particular skills will sponsors look for?

Is sport merely playing a game?
The NFL - how much is it worth?
An article from Forbes Magazine, dated July 15, 2013, lists the Cowboys as the second highest valued sports franchise in the United States (behind New York Yankees of Major League Baseball), and fifth in the world, with an estimated value of approximately $2.1 billion. They are also the wealthiest team in the NFL, generating almost $269 million in annual revenue
Peynton Manning
Who has heard of him?
His contract alone is worth $92 million

Sky sports helping or hindering access to sport?
Revenue, £6.9 Billion
22,800 employees


Premier League
Scottish Premier
Champions League
League One
League Two
Europa League
La Liga
Serie A
Ligue 1
Rugby Union
Aviva Premiership
British and Irish Lions
Heineken Cup
Six Nations
Rugby Championship
Rugby League
Rugby World Cup


County Cricket
International Cricket
Indian Premier League
ICC World Cup


Ryder Cup
European Tour
Open Championship

ATP Schedule
WTA Schedule

Formula One
Grand Prix

Horse Racing
Motor Sport

The world of sport is consistently changing
Grass-roots to elite through to elite, professional athletes
Media is the following:
Local and National Press
Sports magazines

We all have an opinion of the sports, athletes and those who are involved in the game. Why?
What do we feel about:
Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Tiger Woods

Summarize each person in 15 words.
Our National Sport? Too much value placed on it?
Always controversy?

What value can we place on these?
Is this good for sport?
Derren Brown
Media and Sport - an ever changing relationship
Let's look at how sport is portrayed through the media
Power of ?
Football and its coverage, too much?
How adverts develop, similar theme? Origins of football
What are sky trying to create with this advert?
Looking at the newspaper articles how are the articles presented?
Differences between papers?

Mobile phones - ipads try and find some other articles
Sports are not simply another big business. It is one of the fastest growing industries and it is intertwined with virtually every aspect of the economy. Sports are everywhere, accompanied by the sounds of a cash register ringing incessantly. Ozanian Editor Financial World
Nike and use of 'sweatshops'
From 1990 to 1991 the legal apparatus of apartheid was abolished, and in 1992 the Springboks were readmitted to international rugby. On 23 March 1992 the non-racial South African Rugby Union and the South African Rugby Board were merged to form the South African Rugby Football Union. The unified body changed its name in 2005 to the current South African Rugby Union.
SA Rugby celebrated 100 years of test rugby in 2006 and unveiled a new logo at a function at ABSA Stadium in Durban. Celebrations continued later in the year, with two tests against England at Twickenham.

Coming shortly after the Soweto riots as it did, the 1976 All Blacks tour of South Africa attracted international condemnation and 28 countries boycotted the 1976 Summer Olympics in protest.
The next year, in 1977, the Commonwealth signed the Gleneagles Agreement, which discouraged any sporting contact with South Africa.
A planned 1979 Springbok tour of France was stopped by the French government, which announced that it was inappropriate for South African teams to tour France, and after the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand went ahead in defiance of the Gleneagles Agreement, South Africa was banned by the International Rugby Board from international competition until such time as apartheid ended.

South Africa

From 1960, international criticism of apartheid in particular grew in the wake of "The Wind of Change" speech by the British Prime Minister, Macmillan, and the Sharpeville massacre near Johannesburg in South Africa. From then onward, the Springboks, perceived as prominent representatives of apartheid South Africa, were increasingly isolated internationally.

Even before the 1948 elections in South Africa in which the apartheid government came to power and legislated systematically along racial lines, foreign sporting teams going to South Africa had felt it necessary to exclude non-white players.
New Zealand rugby teams in particular had done this, and the exclusion of George Nepia and Jimmy Mill from the 1928 All Blacks tour, and the dropping of "Ranji" Wilson from the New Zealand Army team nine years before that, had attracted little comment at the time.

South Africa – Sport

And this, what do you now feel?
Advertising agency task:
Choose a topic and debate
An example of what you need to find
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