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Money CRM Outsourcing Secrets

No description

Vas Blagodarskiy

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Money CRM Outsourcing Secrets

Let Others Help You Make Money So You Can Work Better
Definition: obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.

Explanation: hiring remote workers instead of in-house workers.

Even simpler: finding best partners for your business.

It can be even simpler: how do you find good people?
What is Outsourcing?
Outsourcing Is Better Than Traditional "Offline" Hiring
Hiring Offline vs. Hiring Online
The Old Way Of Debits & Credits
Say goodbye to "T accounts" and confusing charts!

Money CRM tracks your revenues and expenses for you, so you are always in control of your money.

It takes discipline to use it, but it's worth it!

You will never feel lost in your own finances if you just get used to thinking of money as money coming and money going.

Don't overspend!!! This tool helps you not overspend.
Tracking Revenues & Expenses
Literally Anything You Can Do Locally, Can Be Done Online!
Anything You Can Teach, You Can Outsource
(Even If You've Never Taught Anyone Anything)

- Record the exact steps & tell them to the worker
- Think of what qualifications you need in a worker
- Be willing to share screenshots / videos to paint a
clear picture of what needs to be done

Possible tasks you can outsource include:

Content creation (sales copy, articles, design)
Product building (programming, book writing)
Social media sharing/liking/commenting
What Can I Outsource?
Money CRM Outsourcing Secrets
How To Start And Maintain Any Business Using The Power Of Crowdsourcing Wisdom
Which Site Is Right For Me?
Are You Looking To Give A Job Or Hire Someone For A Gig? Is That Job Or Gig Short Term Or Long Term? What Is Your Estimated Budget?


No Matter Your Answer, Outsourcing Can Make Your Life Easier! Here Is How You Can Get Started:


There Are Other Sites Out There Too - Try Them All, But Do Your Research On Them First!
Where Do I Find Talented Workers?
12 Mistakes You Should Avoid?
How To Not Slip Up
- Look at price as indicator of quality
- Consider few reviews as sufficient marker of
- Don't assume that THEY know everything, either!
- Train them well; train them often
- Test your workers regularly
- Don't be afraid to challenge your workers
- Do not give out too many bonuses; people get
used to your good treatment and start expecting it
- Trust, but verify
- Change your passwords often!
- Be careful with your private / confidential data
- Be conservative in your written communications
- Don't brag
Motivation Leads To Great Things ... If You Let It!
- Pay them on time

- Don't lie to them or be unavailable when they need
you (in other words, be reliable)

- Praise in public, blame in private

- Do your employees talk to one another?
>> Yes: create internal competitions
>> No: offer individualized performance bonuses

- Set boundaries and enforce them
How To Maintain Your Work Team

- You can access
worldwide talent
- Hiring costs are
close to $0
- Easier to fire
- Less ability to
communicate well
- Int-l workers are
in other time zones
- No central location
for office & records
| - Help your own
| community
| - Leverage local
| networks
| - Communication
| - Smaller talent
| pool
| - High costs of
| hiring &
| compliance
| - Hard to fire
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