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Number The Stars Liam

No description


on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Number The Stars Liam

Number The Stars
By: Lois Lowry
10 vocabulary words with definitions.
1. Annemarie Johansen is the main character of this book. She is very shy and Intelligent. She is blond and she likes to play with dolls with her best friend. Annemarie used to have 2 sisters but one of them died. The one that died was the older one. Annemarie is very very brave.

2. Another very important character is Ellen. Ellen is Annemarie's best friend both of them love to play together with dolls. Ellen is not as brave as Annemarie she is also much shier. Ellen is the only child, with her mom and dad.

3. Kirsti is also important she is Annemarie's little sister. She is kind of a show of. Annemarie thinks she is a very annoying person. In the book it says that she is a wide mouth. That means she likes to tell everything to everybody.

4. The last important character is Mama. Mama is Annemarie's mom and Kirsti's mother. Mama is very brave and Intelligent. She is very brave because she goes to leave Ellen's family to the boat.
The Setting and time period
Stocky: Thick in build, short and fat, wide and strong looking.
Lanky: Tall and thin.
Pout : show displeasure by pushing on the lips.
Dawdle: waste time.
Sneer: lough in a mean way.
Rationed: to control the amount that is used.
Eased: moved slowly.
Imprinted: left a mark.
Imperious: in a manner that is superior to someone.
Unwavering: to not quiver or tremble.
The setting of the book is a very old place with old houses it is always cloudy there are a lot of people who are really sad. There are soldiers everywhere. The shops are getting closed down. The time period of this book is world war two so that's a long time ago. The one who lead the nazis was Adolf Hitler.
Summary of the book
First Annemarie lived happily with her family but when the Nazis took over her sister died. She died just before her wedding with a kind man. When Annemarie and her best friend Ellen and with Annemarie's little sister. Were running down the street they were stooped by two soldiers. The soldiers said that they can't run on the side walks.

The Nazis are taking all the jews away to another place and Ellen's family are jewish people so they had to escape. Ellen stayed with Annemarie's family. Ellen's mom and dad had to escape. Ellen had to fake that she was Annemarie's sister. She had to because some soldiers came at the middle of the night to search for Ellen's Family. Ellen and Annemarie were very scared because the soldiers were watching them very closely.

Annemarie, Ellen, Annemarie's little sister and her mother went to visit Annemarie's uncle because there is less danger there. They also went there because they were going to meet with Ellen's parent's. They were going to escape from there to go to another country by sailing with Annemarie's uncle because he was a fisherman. Annemmarie's mother took them to the boat but when she came back she triped and broke her foot. Annemarie had to go and drop of a meat so that the dogs can't find Ellen's family and where they are hiding. At the end the war ended and every body was happy and everything was like it used to be.

I think that I am like Annemarie's uncle because I like to help people. I also like to be a part of a group with other people.
I would not change the ending of this book because it is a happy ending. But at the same time I thought it was sad for Peter to die because he helped a lot of Jewish people. So I think that Peter should not have died.
I liked this book because it had a lot of hooks and was very interesting to see how was it like in world war 2. I think that my big brother would enjoy this book because hr likes to read this type of book. People would want to read it because it has history and it has a lot of hooks.
The End
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