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on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of LEGISLATURE

- the upper house of the legislative branch
- composed of 24 senators who are elected at large
- senators have 6-year terms of office with half of them being elected every 3 years
- no senator shall serve for more than two consecutive terms
- headed by a Senate President Article VI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution: The Legislative Branch Introduction The Legislative Branch

- from the Latin word "legis" meaning "law"

-the legislative branch broadly deals with the making, deliberation over, enactment, amendment and repealing of laws

-in short, the law-making body in the government

-also referred to as the Congress Composition The Philippine Government Executive Legislative Judicial The House of Representatives The Senate BICAMERAL -the legislative power is vested in two houses - QUALIFICATIONS - natural-born citizen of the Phils

at least 35 years old on the election day

literate (can read and write)

registered voter

resident of the Philippines for 2 years prior the election day APPROVED! - the lower house of the legislative branch
- shall be composed of not more than 250 members elected from legislative districts (for every 250,000 city population ,1 representative; for provinces, 1 representative regardless of population, where 20% of the members should be party-list representatives or sectoral representatives
- each member has a term of 3 years
- no member of the house of representatives shall serve for more than 3 consecutive terms
- headed by the Speaker of the House - QUALIFICATIONS - a natural-born citizen of the Phils

at least 25 years old

can read and write

a registered voter

a resident of the province where he is running for at least one year immediately prior to the election YAY! Section 9. In case of vacancy in the Senate or in the House of Representatives, a special election may be called to fill such vacancy in the manner prescribed by law, but the Senator or Member of the House of Representatives thus elected shall serve only for the unexpired term. Powers of the Philippine Legislature Appointment of Public Officials Legislative inquiry and investigation Declare the existence of a state of war Ratify the country’s international treaties (Senate) Authorize limited emergency powers for the President Approve the government budget
Overturn a Presidential veto with respect to proposed legislation Propose amendments to the constitution and call for a constitutional convention Allow for referenda Functions of the Legislative branch to promulgate laws
and pass resolutions to investigate matters pertaining to the government represent the Filipino people Propose, review, and adopt bills for enactment into law
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