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No description

Laura Ramirez Elizondo

on 4 February 2013

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Matlab Workspace
Inputs from workspace
Outputs to workspace INTERACTING WITH MATLAB Matlab file .mat
Inputs from file
Outputs to file SUBSYSTEMS AND MASKING Create subsystems to organize project Create masks on important blocks GETTING STARTED Start SIMULINK
Simulink (general library)
Math Operations
Signal Routing
Sources CHANGING PARAMETERS Block parameters Configuration parameters Our first example THERMAL MODELLING Thermal modelling using SIMULINK general library Thermal modelling using SIMULINK Simscape library INTRODUCTION TO MATLAB SIMULINK Workshop and presentation designed by: Ir. Laura M. Ramirez-Elizondo

Models, documentation and files obtained from Mathworks online documentation http:/www.mathworks.nl/ http://prezi.com/xtohkojfqhzm/edit/# http://prezi.com/xtohkojfqhzm/edit/#
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