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Online Grade Inquiry System Prezi

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Morgan Grimm

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Online Grade Inquiry System Prezi

& Scopes

Grade Inquiry
Online Grade Inquiry
Log In Page
Name of Reference #1
This study aims to develop an Online Grade Inquiry database. Specifically, it tackles the following objectives:
To design an Online Grade Inquiry System that allows students to access grades through the said system.
To design a system that is secured which cannot be modified or retrieved by unauthorized person.
To design a system that allows the student to view their grades in a more convenient and time-saving way.
To develop a system that will shorten the process of grade inquiry.
To develop a system that can enable the instructor to encode grades online.
On this page, the user can register as student, teacher or administrator
The grades of the students is one of the essential qualities of school works. Grades reflect and measure the performance of a student and determine whether a student passes the subject or not. It also helps the professors to guide and facilitate the students’ learning development. Thus, students’ grades must be accurately calculated, safety accumulated or stored in a database and must be well distributed to the students.
In order to keep students updated on their grade, the researchers come up with an idea to create a database that would be accessible to both the faculty of the college and the students. Each teacher has their own log-in account which is (can be) directed to their handled subject teaching. In the database of the subject will be a post of students enrolled to the subject and separated by its section. Students will be able to view their grades through their own respective database accounts.
To keep track of one’s grades is highly essential in the lives of a student. It is hard to keep on guessing whether you pass or you fail on a subject you dare not sleep with every night. One will keep on guessing what their fate is until they have a hand on their class card. Thus with an online grade inquiry, even when the student is at the comfort of his own home, he can have the feeling of relief upon seeing a passing grade or ready himself to make up for his grade.
This study focuses on how the proposed system will be able to contribute a lot for the students of College of Engineering Computer Engineering department in terms of showing their grades via online. The instructors of the said college can encode, edit grades of the students through their accounts. Instructors can print their records including the subjects and grades of the students they handled. It provides better access and accuracy of the data stored as these are encoded into a database.
Scopes cont..
The administrator also has an authority to edit the grades with the permission of the instructor. Only through a student’s account that he or she can view his or her grades on the subjects he or she is enrolled in.
If the instructor had encoded a wrong grade of a student, the online system is not reliable for the human error. The grade encoding and inquiry processes rely on Internet connection. For this study, College of Engineering Computer Engineering Department would be taken as the main subject for the trial application.

Name of Reference #2
Name of Reference #3
An online grade inquiry database would be of great aid for students to check on out on their grades without spending for fare and effort every day going back and forth from home to school, especially when they need it for their scholarships. A database where teachers would encode individual’s grades for their subject and put in some remarks and the students would view their grades online.
What are my grades this semester? This is one of the most repeated question every end of the semester and as a student in SLSU, College of Engineering we are looking for some ways to make grade inquiry a hassle free process. That is why the researchers thought of putting up an application of GRADE INQUIRY for the College of Engineering CPE Department to aid the use of the traditional procedure of releasing grades; students need to go directly to their professor in every subject.
Student Page
On this page, a teacher can edit his profile, view his work load and schedule, and add the grades of his student to the database.
Admin Page
On this page, the admin has full control over the database. He is able to perform add, delete, update function to maintain the database.
Teacher Page
On this page, a student can setup a profile, and view his grades.
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