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Greta Geissler

on 7 March 2017

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Thank you for listening!
Please feel free to ask any questions.
Some Important Things to Consider

Cost-effective and time-efficient approach.

It can also be collaborated with Porter’s Five Forces, which examines levels of competition.

As well as helping prevent potential disasters, it also highlights possible future opportunities.

A simple definition...
Tool used to scan for potential issues surrounding an organisation

PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological

Other variations of PEST are PESTLE, STEP, STEEP and STEEPLE

PEST analysis is especially effective when used in conjunction with SWOT

IKEA PEST Analysis
Building and planning regulations when expanding or building new stores

Brexit - IKEA has greater control than most organisations over its suppliers - but future price rises have not been ruled out


Political - Factors include labour law and tax policy

Economic - Relates to factors such as inflation rate and exchange rates.

Social - Population growth rate, cultural factors.

Technological - Rate of change, research and development.

UK inflation levels

UK economic growth following the recession and also post-Brexit,
linked to customer spending power

Strength of the £

Customers spending habits - are customers less likely to allocate a whole day to make a trip to IKEA? For smaller items convenience a factor - easier to visit a high street store

Change in attitudes - preferring to purchase goods online - difficult to get the
same IKEA experience online

Advancements in technology, and the extent to which IKEA can take advantage of these, e.g. 3D printing, virtual reality

Social tech - social media / online presence of IKEA
Technological Factors
Political Factors
Economic Factors
Social Factors
Greta, Areej, Philippa, James & Kieran
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