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Mid-Managers Presentation

No description

Niel Curley

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Mid-Managers Presentation

Paranoia Fanatic
Discipline Empirical
Creativity Jim Collins Great By Choice 20 Mile March Race to the South Pole VS Amundsen Scott Ponies and Motor Sledges Dogs Black flag markers
every 8 miles No markers only
single flag at
supply depot Scott: Amundsen: Launch from
the Bay of Whales! Progress made sporadically
as conditions permitted Steady progress made
despite conditions Progress withheld on
days of good weather And the winner is... Amundsen Scott Reached South Pole
34 days before Scott

Returned safely
exactly on schedule Reached South Pole

Entire crew died
10 miles away from supply depot on return trip 1911 Departed January 14, 1911 Departed January 4, 1911 Performance Markers for achievement
Self-imposed constraints
Tailored to your enterprise
Within your control to achieve
Appropriate time frame Amundsen's 20 Mile March Steady and consistent progress on predetermined schedule

Team members wanted to travel faster and cover 25 miles a day

Remained at a steady pace even when their goal was within reach Scott's Plan Inconsistent progress

Allowed outside environment to dictate results Bay of Whales Starting point

Eskimo knowledge
Use of dogs
Slow movements to prevent sweat Amundsen Scott Untested and
unproven techniques

Motor sledges

Ponies Test variety of approaches
Low risk
Low Cost
Low distraction
Learn what works then place
resources behind proven ideas Empirical Creativity? Asking What if? Preparing for unexpected
events ahead of time Amundsen Black flag markers every 8 miles

Enough supplies for men to travel additional 100 miles
Scott Unnecessary risk

Did not account for
unexpected events

Assumed plans would be successful
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