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SI4T 2.0 Kickoff

Presentation for the kickoff meeting for the next generation Tridion Search Integration Framework: SI4T 2.0

Will Price

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of SI4T 2.0 Kickoff

Recap: SI4T 1.0 Goal
Focused on getting data into the index
Effective - 90% of requirements
Easy to extend
Ideally looking for people to contribute on a code level as this:
Spreads the work
Engenders more shared ownership
Will Price
There is a thread on Tridion Stack Exchange Meta for discussion of ideas for scope:


Binary Indexing
Embedded metadata extraction
CMS metadata extraction
DCP based solutions
Pay some attention to real-world requirements for binary indexing
Multiple Entries per Item
Support multiple index entries for the same published item
Pages with Tabs/Accordions
Jump to a certain item in a gallery
Easier Setup
Make it easier to get and end-to-end solution up and running. Make it simple to evaluate and more people will use it
Automated Build Configurations
Pix and Mix Solr + Tridion version
.NET/Java/Javascript Query Examples
Improved Field Mapping
Extending the syntax for field mapping and providing a GUI/Tool for editing
Read from package
Literal values
Keyword ID vs Key vs Title vs Description
Other Indexing Strategies
In addition to PUSH, look at a framework for implementing other indexing strategies
Notify crawler
Put index data on file system
Combination of the above
Encourage sharing of Indexer implementations
However, all contributions welcome - even if only ideas/gripes
Code + Docs: Github
Tasks/Issues: Github
Chat: Skype or Hipchat?
Meetings: Join.me (<10)?
Roll your own... or:
AWS AMI (2013 SP 1 + Ref. Implementation)
Build Server/Service needed?
Pull Requests, either from branches of master, or from forked repository
Next Steps
One or two volunteers to steer each scope area and arrange follow up with smaller, more focussed groups
indexers (special)
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