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Mrs. Stovall's 2nd Grade

No description

Megan Stovall

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. Stovall's 2nd Grade

Mrs. Stovall's 2nd Grade
Thank You for Coming
It is my goal to help your child grow academically, socially, and spiritually this year. I will do everything that I can to help the students have a happy, successful 2nd Grade.


Thanks again!
About Me
- First year at Good Shepherd
-Attended Catholic schools all my life.
-Oldest of five
-From Indianapolis, Indiana and Rochester, New York.
-Attended Xavier University
-Enjoy hiking with my husband and dog, trying new restaurants and traveling.
My email: megan.stovall@goodshepherddenver.org
My phone:
Classroom blog:
-I expect the students to behave properly. I use a "Three strikes and you're out" policy.
-Students are required to respect themselves, others, and treat others the way they want to be treated.
-I use P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time) as an incentive to have a smooth running classroom.
-Homework is also expected to be completed and turned in every day.

In your packet is a copy of the weekly and specials schedules.

I will always make time for you and your child. You can always call, email, text, or write me a note. I will update Sycamore daily as well with homework for the day.
Morning Procedure:
1. Hang up your backpack in your locker. Bring in homework and folder.
2. Come in quietly.
3. Hand in homework.
4. Put lunch in blue bin.
5. Read morning message.
6. Sharpen pencil, get supplies.
7. Get morning work from bin.
8. Work on morning work quietly at your desk.
-Purple folders go to and from home every day/night
-Please sign
-Get all graded papers on Friday
-All quizzes & tests graded
-Occasionally, HW and MW
-Points deducted for late HW
S.T.A.R. of Week
-Send in pictures
-Write about favorites
-Bring something to show
-Bring guest
-Always welcome
-Parties, field trips, etc.
-Please schedule with me
-Safe Environment Training
-You may bring in treats
-27 children in class
-If have allergies, can bring own treat
-Please schedule with me
-Half birthdays
-Helps reinforce subjects taught
-20-30 minutes/night
-Occasionally HW and MW will be graded
-Late homework will result in lower grades
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