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ICT in society.

No description

Vicki Smith-Payne

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of ICT in society.

ICT in society.
When is technology used?
In society I.C.T is used all the time. Its used when people are at work, at school or at home.

People when working use I.C.T when contacting other members of the work team or sending emails. Pupils at school us i.c.t to learn new things. Everyday people use phones, computers etc. These are types of ict.

Using technology out in the society is seen almost all the time. When walking to a destination or even in the car, It isn't unusual to see people using technology. For example: phones , iPod's or Mp3 players. Technology is important to people in this day and age and without it people would be rather stuck.
Smartphones - Blackberry
A blackberry smartphone is used by many different age groups. Young people aged between 12-16 use a blackberry to use an app called BBM which teenagers may use to contact friends or in some extremely bad cases to cyber bully. However within a work place , the workers use blackberry's to email there collages while on the more for advice oir for information etc.
Disadvantages of I.C.T:
People take advantage of people.
Cyber bullying.
Sometimes can be slow.
People can be impolite around people and go on there phones while in somebody else's company.

Advantages of I.C.T:
You can find information out a lot easier.
You can use it to contact with people in other countries
Using the internet can help with homework or education.
Revising for tests.
Wanting to know things.
Communicating to people that aren't even in the same room.

What types of I.C.T do we use?
We use I.C.T all the time , however some people use I.C.T more than others. When using I.C.T we use different types of technology like:
Smart phones
Also technology is used by people when using social networking sites to communicate with people:
My space
OAP's sometimes use technology to help them contact people via the internet. Just the same as a teenage boy or girl would to contact there friends over the internet.
How do different people use the same technology?
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