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monica contreras

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of London

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Learning about it
m re...
Mini Cooper
Mini its a car class A its manofactured by British Motor Company
it was inagurated in 1959.

Mini has launched 2 models
-1960 clasic

Mini has set 2 in the internacionall poll for determinate the century car
for your

London is located in
in United Kingdom

Who is his mayor?
His mayor is
Boris Johnson
Its surface is about 1570 km.
How are the people called?
British Library
The british library is the national library of UK (United Kingdom).
It is one of the biggest library around the world.
It has 150 million collectios (books,maps, newspaper,patents,manuscripts,stamps)
in the library can enter around 1,200 people.
Whitehall palace
It was the palace of british kings it was
destroy by the fire in 1698, before that it was the biggest palace in Europe with more than 1500 people.
It was reconstruct and now is the administrative house of the government.
Crystal palace
The Crystal Palace is literally made of crystal it was constructed 1851in Hyde but in 1584 it was transferred to Upper where remained until its destruction in a fire in 1936.
United Kingdom Parlament
Its the legislative institution of the United Kingdom
Leicester Square
The Leicester Square is located in West End wich is one of the biggest squares in England
British Museum
It is one the biggest museum with altot of antique of all the world it has more than 7 million of antique things.
Emirates Stadium
The Emirates Stadium is one of the biggest stadium in England in it can enter 60.350 people
Phone Booth
The Phone Booth is a structure where contains a public telephone.
The design who most of people know is the red phone booth
the design of the phone booth is for have privacity and when its raining dont get wet.
Routemaster is the big red bus of London it was inagurated in 1958
its a transport (a bus)
Big Ben
Its know like the big bell of the clock.
The officIal name was clock tower until in honor of the Queen Isabel ll was renamed Elizabeth tower.
Its the 3rd highest clock in the world.

It was compleated 1858 and it was opened in 1859.

It has become one of the most symbolic things of London.
London Eye

Also known like millenium wheel
It was completed in 1999 and opened in 2000.

It was the biggest araund the world before the star Nanchang and Singapore flyer.
It reaches 135 m.

It is also known like the London viewer.
London Zoo
Its the oldest science zoo around the world.

It was opened in 1828.
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