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The influence of the media on a selected sport in the UK

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junaid islam

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The influence of the media on a selected sport in the UK

The influence of the media on a selected sport in the UK

Junaid Islam

‘spectator sport and the media have fused together. The one is inconceivable without the other.’ sports would not be as big and as popular as they are today without the media coverage they receive from big well known companies. Sport is promoted and publicised by the media in a variety of ways including via television broadcasting companies, newspapers, magazines, internet sites, books, radio etc.
How technology has had an effect on football
"Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a pre-existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures. Technologies significantly affect human as well as other animal species' ability to control and adapt to their natural environments." Technology has allowed sports such as football to advance substantially. it has helped to improve athlete performance by providing the best quality equipment to football kits etc, it has helped eliminate human errors by a variety of methods such as close up images and goal line technology to help assist decision and produce more accurate outcomes. technology has also popularized football by enabling it to be viewed by millions from the comfort of their own homes.
Influences of the media on football
The informative role
this is where the media gives live coverage and any sort of information about the sport. This may include what is happening currently in a particular sport and any latest updates regarding athletes behavior, changes in plans, results, rules, highlights etc. The information may be given out through newspapers, magazines, radio and tv. for example there are companies such as sky which broadcast live football matches to the public through sky sports. also on sky have a sports site just for sports news and information and whole sections based on football only. viewers are able to look at scores, tables, transfers and general football issues here.
Effects of technology on football
Goal line technology
- this form of technology has proven to be very successful in football it allows officials to see whether the ball has fully crossed the line before referees call the goal. its job is not to replace the role of official, but to help assist them in making decisions when they are unsure about a goal as it is very accurate and sees what the human eye misses. also it helps prevent any sort of dispute between rivals due to the fact that this technology is spot on.
Hawk eye
- hawk eye technology is a computer system which tracks the ball and display its most likely paths which it learns about from following the ball and using the statistics it finds to give possible outcomes. this has been beneficial as it has allowed us to find trends in footballers and teams, how they pass and shoot etc which is analyzed to help us learn more.
Slow motion replays
- this has improved football entertainment and viewer experience as it allows us to see more such as outstanding passes, shots and goals which are replayed in slow motion for people to look at more closely and feel the buzz.
Big screen, live television etc
- have allowed football to be viewed anywhere at anytime, almost every household in the world own a TV and football has become one of the most viewed forms of entertainment on tv over the years and is becoming more and more popular by the year.
Advantages and Disadvantages of technology in sport
systems such as goal line technology allow us to see things accurately and make sure we are fully aware of if there has been a goal or not before making decisions etc
clothes are tailored specifically to match the needs of individuals and to adapt to the environment in certain sports e.g. Adidas with their climacool sportswear line
advanced technology allows people to slow down footage or reply and fast forward and take screenshots of things at full speed which is an advantage as it helps us analyse things better
people can view sports better for example through live streamings, HD tv, big screens etc, making it easier for people to access live football etc from wherever with the help of satellites etc.
gaming technology has allowed people to feel the thrill, joy and excitement of sport from the comfort of their homes using only their hands and a controller e.g. games such as EA's FIFA football
surfaces and grounds have no been developed so that they can be used year round
supplements have been developed to improve athletes performance e.g. protein shakes etc
The educative role
this is where sport is used to educate people. many documentaries and video clips are produced on a daily to give the people a better understanding of sport. also the public can be educated and taught about development in sports, sporting skills, coaching techniques, history of sports, modern day issues in sport, sport ethics such as athletes using performance enhancing drugs, cheating and match fixing etc. an example of the educating role can be seen in schools and colleges teaching sport and p.e. courses where students are educated on all areas of sport including football. also the FA set up schemes through schools and companies such as tesco to help teach children football. local football clubs also usually have partnerships with schools of the same area, coaches may come into schools to help educate youngsters about football and also teach them how to play and perform football skills etc and to improve health and fitness.
The advertising role
one of the most popular ways in which big companies advertise themselves is through sports. they may use sport to directly advertise their products such as walkers and their crisps and Guinness beer or they may use sport to advertise products indirectly through sponsorships. companies may sponsor individual athletes, teams, leagues or even events to promote themselves and get noticed more. for example companies such as mcdonalds, tesco, William hill, Nike and Adidas pay football leagues to be advertised and appear on their merchandise, football shirts or pitches etc. another way in which the media advertises itself is by funding football through schemes and programmes. for example Tesco along with the FA have formed 'the FA Tesco skills' in which they say they are developing the future of football in England. not only are they helping young people, they are also advertising themselves in a massive way as football is popular and it will help them get more noticed than they already are.
tv is the most powerful source of media. television is watched by the majority of the world and it has a massive impact on the public. companies such as sky view sports on their sky sports channel which along with pay per view are constantly growing. others forms of media include the internet, magazines and radio. football is the most popular and most viewed in the world and has a major influence on many.
this is where teams or individuals are funded by companies to help promote themselves and become more known to gain profit.
sport - sponsorship
sponsorships popularize sports more and increase stability, for example football teams are sponsored by big companies as you can see there shirts with big names on them such as Nike and Adidas
sport is relatively not very expensive in terms of advertising
sponsorships provide sport teams and organisation money that can help improve spectator provision and facilities etc
big sports such as football premier league have some power over who they are sponsored by
sport - media
high level sport such as football is very popular and a big seller in the media
the media controls certain aspects of sports e.g. viewing times and half time breaks in football which may be used to view commercials
celebrity sport stars are made through the media and can be role models to the public and influence many, legends such as Pele are known globally thanks to media and are looked up to by many
the relationship between the media and sports may possibly be responsible for the increase in the potential for match fixing and other deviance
sponsorship - media
sponsorship increases and companies make more profit when sports are covered by the media for example the football premier league on TV which is sponsored by many companies.
The entertainment role
Many people worldwide enjoy reading about sports celebrities private lives and sport on TV for its drama, skill etc and some are die hard fans and supporters. sport is becoming more and more popular because of the media as it is easy to access now through TV, internet, magazines etc. televised sport has become very popular in the home entertainment industry. for example millions of people watch the world cup every 4 years when it comes in the comfort of their own homes. the media has made it very easy for people to access knowledge and information about football. football can now be read about or watched almost anywhere. magazines offer a great form of entertainment as people can read about interesting headlines in football and also read about football stars private lives and what they do outside of football etc. the TV is the biggest form of entertainment when it comes to football. people simply sit at home and watch live matches and are able to find out about football players and teams on the news or by browsing the internet.
The Golden Triangle - how sports, media and sponsorship are linked
their are less people participating due to technology as more people are just being lazy staying at home and just watching sports on TV rather than going out and actually playing sport
bright lights and intrusive cameras may put athletes off through distraction
technology such as computer systems are not always reliable as these systems sometimes crash
technology such as software can be very expensive
technology such as hawkeye only has 96% accuracy so cant always be reliable
time consuming
Advantages and disadvantages of the media
people can build careers through sport and live well with good money from sports through appearing on TV and becoming popular through media coverage
many athletes are paid to advertise and endorse products which adds to their financial gains and also encourages people to buy whatever they are backing
media puts in a lot of money into sport which as a result gains popularity and makes more people want to get involved
media allows people to watch, learn and know sports news etc wherever they are, through tv, books, magazines, newspaper, internet etc.
a balanced and healthy lifestyle is promoted through sport in the media
creates positive and determined role models for young people to aspire to be like etc
the media gives professional sporting career opportunities for many, for example sports journalists
the media popularises sport and enables people to enjoy sport from the comfort of their own home on TV
the publics ideas on sport or individuals in sport maybe influenced by what the media have to say and not everything they say is true and can be biased
the media tend to look at peoples privates lives such as sports stars and may pinpoint and show the negative sides, making people see them as negative role models
some sports such as women's football are not as popular as men's football and as a result receive less coverage, minority sports receive minimum coverage
myths and stereotypes can come about sporting individuals, for example a player may have scored a great goal but headlines may exaggerate and make him sound far superior than he is
sports stars get a loss of privacy due to paparazzi etc
some sporting events are only available to people if you pay per view
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