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zaina Juma

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of a LONG WAY GONE

The hero's journey
Ordinary world
Beah was happy with his family , he used to play with his little brother
Junior and also he used to go to perform talent show in every different villages.

" We left from for Mattru Jong we loaded our back packs with notebooks of lyrics we were working on and stuffed our pockets with cassettes of rap alubums."
(chapter 1, page 7)
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the call
Meeting with the Mentor
Crossing the first threshold

The road back
Resurrection Hero
Allies Enemies
The military base was surrounded by rebels and the military leaders told them either they had to joined the military to fight the rebels or leave the base and be killed by the rebels. They showed them dead bodies of people that tried to live the village that were killed by the rebels
Return with Elixir

"children ran home to look for parents who were wandering the streets in search of them.And as the gunfirenintensified people gave up looking for their loved ones and ran out of town."(chapt1 pag 9)
Ishmael run way fromt the war because the rebels would came to make him enjoin in their groups. and attacker his village. Ishmael has been separated from his friends following the rebel attack on the town of Kamator and he has been walking for days from village to village.

When Ishmael and other boys were droven out of their village, they walked for many hours in a very hot sand at the Ocean . When they got out of the ocean and a man in 22s helped them by giving them shelter,foods and medicine. The old man offers them food and tells them how to get to Yele.
i have never been so afraid to go anywhere in my life as i was that day .Even the scuttle of a lizard frightened my entire being. My ears became warm and tears were running down my cheeks, even though i wasn't crying.My index finger had become numb".(chap13, page 116-117)
When Ishmael and hid friends went to Mattru Jong to go to perform, the rebels went to attack at the village.
" I increased my pace. Sometimes I closed my eyes hard to avoid thinking, but the eye of my mind refused to be closed and continued to plague me with images."
(Chapter 8, page 49)

I hope that you boys can find safety before this unseaworthiness and fear cause someone to harm you. He drew a map on the ground with his walking stick. This is how you get to YELE he said. ”
( chapter- 8, page 56)
Ishmael and his friends were taken by army soldiers( Military) . At first time, they seems as if they have found safety there at the military and they used to eat, sleep and play soccer.

“ One of the soldiers was looking at me, chewing something and smiling. He took a drink from his water bottle and threw the remaining water at my face. A soldie led us to Yele, a village that was occupied by the Military.”
The Leaders to the Military base told them that the village was surrounded by the enemy(rebels) and he appeals for men and boys to volunteer to join the fight and if they didn't joined them the rebels are going to killed them. . Also,he shows them two dead bodies of a man and a young boy who had tried to leave the village even though the man had been warned that it would be too dangerous.
This made Ishmael to make a decision of a revenge against the rebels killed his family members.

They won't give up until they capture this village. Some of you are here because they have killed your parents or your families; others because this is a safe place to be. This is your time to revenge the deaths of your families and to make sure more children do not loose their families.”
( chapter 12, page 106)
They told them that their are about to go out on there first armed mission. The corporal gives them green headbands and tells them that if they encounter anyone who is not wearing one of the same color, or a helmet like the corporal’s, they must shoot him. This got Ishmael so afraid to kill the rebels , he was terrified but he tries to hide the tears that form in his eyes and he was numb from the events of the day.
The day after, the lieutenant gave a speech that Ishmael and Kanei take part in a contest to see who can kill a prisoner the quickest. Ishmael slits the throat of a prisoner, who dies almost immediately. Ishmael wins the contest, and Kanei is second.

His eyes rolled up and they looked me straightin theeye before they suddenly stopped in a frightful glance, as if caught by surprise. The dropped him on the ground and wiped my bayonet on him I was proclaimed the winner, and Kanei came second.”
( Chapter 14, page 125)
UNICEF truck arrives with four men. Ishmael and fifteen other boy soldiers are told to lay down their weapons. The lieutenant tells them they are being taken away and they will be put in school and helped to find another way of life at the rehabilitation centre. Ishmael started going to check ups because of his drugs addiction.

“ The MPs asked us to get out the truck and follow the four beaming men in the UNICEF. The nurse was wiping my forehead with soaked cloth. i threw up something green and slimy, then fainted again. I was to live with my uncle and those two weeks felt longer than the eight months”
Chapter 16-19, page 140- 179)
At the hospital, Ishmael was friend with one nurse named Esther.She helped him to get contact wit his uncle by helping him to lived with him. He also learned how to trust people again and learned that it was not his fault for him to behave like heartless.
Ishmael called Laura in New York and asks if he could stay with her if he is able to get to New York City. She says yes and he finally went to live with Laura in NEW YORK.
“ I had gotten up early in the morning, and i was sitting on the flat stone behind the house waiting doe the city to wake up. But instead of the usual sounds that brought the city to life, it was woken that morning by gunshots erupting around the State House and the House of parliament. I was finally able to make a collect to Laura. I asked her if I could stay with her if I made my way to NEW YORK CITRY. She said yes.”
chapter 21, page 202- 209
One morning in March 1997 he wakes up to the sound of gunfire and war started again in the town. He sees soldiers and army trucks as he looks down on the city from the verandah of his house. Prisoners are freed from the prison and go on a killing rampage and burns peoples house.
Now Ishmael have his own foundation that called Ishmael Beah Foundation. He created it because he want to help other children that are child soldiers.
" The rebels shot them in the clearing. My men brought them back, and I decided to show you, so that you can fully understand the situation we are in." ( chapter 12, page 108)
By zaina
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