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Pennsylvania Real Estate

No description

Britney Silmon

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Pennsylvania Real Estate

Pennsylvania Real Estate
Facts and Features:
Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, was given the land from the king, of England, because the king owed his family. Penn was a Quaker, who didn't discriminate against indians, other religions, or anyone. Because of the non discrimination, all types of worship was allowed, and accepted.
An acre of land in Pennsylvania, located in the middle colonies, for seven pounds.
Over View
In Pennsylvania, there is the most religious tolerance, and the most ethnically diverse of the colonies. People would own small farms, which they produced mostly grains, gaining the middle colonies the nickname "The Bread Basket".
In Pennsylvania, you will have a variety of neighbors, some can/will consist of Scott-Irish, French Huguenots, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss, and Scott highlanders- who like to make sure that you don´t confuse them as Scott-Irish.
They all came over from their diffrent contries for a better life than what they previously received, whether it was for religious tolarance, or for more money.
All of the have different traits, so you will be able to find at least a few neighbors you will really like.

When you wanna be free from discrimination,
Where you gonna go?

Pennsylvania is different than other colonies, because there is a representative assembly elected by the landowners. So buying this property means you will have a say in who represents you, the citizens.

Which will prove to be beneficial in the setting up of the constitution, and how it should run.
write an anthem, and preform it.
Labor Force
In Pennsylvania, the colonists don´t like to use slaves much, instead used indentured servants on the farms.
On your acre of land there is also a log cabin located in the middle of it, for you and your family.
Seven pounds is a steal for an acre. In the southern colonies, the prices are way higher. An acre in the southern colonies is seventeen to twenty-five pounds.
At first Pennsylvania began with only Quakers and Indians which got along because the Quakers accepted everyone, then as time went along, more types of people came along. Still with the non discrimination mostly intact.
By: Britney Silmon
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