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Personal Leadership Brand

No description

Inder Takhar

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of Personal Leadership Brand

The Journey

MMS 120: Organizational Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness
Inder Takhar
My Leadership Brand is more of a journey than a definition. Like a ship setting sail on the vast ocean, I have been given valuable resources (influences) that affect how I navigate my path. As my journey has progressed, I have developed a particular belief system that stresses the importance of leadership and service. And as any sailor would, I have encountered setbacks that have forced me to adjust my course of action and emerge a stronger person. I eventually hope to reach my destination knowing that my voyage has made society a better place.
The Goal
To fully discover my leadership potential while utilizing my talents and resources to develop others so that I can leave the world in a better state than I found it.

-December 1993: Born in Maryland, USA
-June 2009: Taught English at The SECMOL School in the Himalayas
-June 2010: Raised money for and worked at The Home of Joy Orphanage in Uganda (http://thehomeofjoy.blogspot.com)
-May 2011: Graduated from Good Counsel High School with 8 letters in Football, Track, and Tennis while leading Student Government and FBLA
-August 2011: Officially became a Duke University undergraduate
-May 2012: Worked with start-ups in Nicaragua through DukeEngage
-May 2013: Interned at American Express in the Global Business Services division in India
-May 2014: Studied Spanish at the University of Alicante in Spain
-June 2014: Interned at Deloitte in the Mergers and Acquisitions division in North Carolina, USA
-May 2015: Graduated from Duke University with degrees in Economics and International Comparative Studies on the Dean's List
-July 2015: Won a Fulbright Scholarship through the U.S. Department of State to teach and conduct research in Taiwan (http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20151225000576-260107; http://www2.lhps.kh.edu.tw/lhps/en-GB/8-campus-focus/1470-hello-i-m-inder.html)

My family is my backbone and what drives me to better myself. Whenever I am unsure about something, I just look over my shoulder to see my mother, father, little brother, and grandparents ready to guide me. They have always been there for me, and I will always be there for them.
My experiences abroad have shaped how I treat others and view decision-making. When people grow up in a specific society, they are naturally influenced to think and act in a certain way. So when I make decisions involving others, I try to grasp what their motivations are and where they are truly coming from.
My participation in organized sports has molded my identity and augmented my ability to overcome adversity. Whether it was developing mental toughness through boxing and tennis or collaborating to manage team goals through football and basketball, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and others from sports.

Primary Influences
My Indian culture emphasizes community and staying true to one’s roots. It has thus taught me how to respect others and maintain integrity. Most importantly, however, it has taught me how to be open to all people and restrict myself from impulsive judgment.
Individual Values
Organizational Values
Learn all that you can, because no one can take away what you know
Meet new people and experience new environments to obtain a well-rounded perspective on issues
Intelligence is an advantage that anyone with the right motivation can acquire

Pursuing Knowledge
In order to improve, take risks and go beyond what is asked of you
You cannot discover your authentic leadership unless you are put in uncomfortable situations
If you do not challenge yourself, others may challenge you and win

Challenging Yourself
Do not commit impulsive actions; it is always important to think things through using logic and reason
Analytical leaders can balance the motivations of stakeholders to make effective decisions
When you are able to constructively analyze, you can focus on purpose and vision

Thinking Analytically
People develop most in environments of change
Create the change; do not let it change you
Organizations with flexible personnel are always one step ahead of the competition

Embracing Change
If you have been born into a world of opportunity, you should share that opportunity with others who have not been so fortunate
After you are gone, what you have given back is all that will remain
When you give to others, they will in someway give back to you

Giving Back
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan
Always put the interests of the organization above your own
People work better when they have the open support of others

Celebrate what you are unaccustomed to; this will broaden your perspective
Unique talents and backgrounds bring more to the table than uniformity
When different ideas clash, innovation ensues

In order to effectively communicate with team members, you must “put yourself in their shoes”
Develop emotional intelligence
An organization’s culture should foster an open understanding of goals and values

“You’ve got to give loyalty down, if you want loyalty up”-Donald T. Regan
To make an impact on those around you, you must first earn their trust
Though it may have talent, an organization without loyal constituents is unlikely to persevere in difficult times

With great power, comes great responsibility
If you can influence others, you must do so with honesty and integrity
A responsible organization garners the support of both internal and external stakeholders

Final Thoughts
Thank you for taking the time to learn about my Leadership Brand. Please contact me at itakhar81@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.
My journey is still far from the finish line and although I know what my values are now, they may change and develop over time. In order to fully discover my leadership potential, I will stay grounded by my beliefs and do all that I can to help others grow as leaders and good human beings.

Handing out supplies at The Home of Joy Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda
Playing soccer in Diriomito, Nicaragua
Observing the Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Posing with my family at a wedding in Washington D.C.
Participating in Tug of War in Liugui, Taiwan
Lining up for a football play in Olney, Maryland
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