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A History of Me

A presentation of my history and events.

Christian Muir

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of A History of Me

A History of Me 1st Slide: My family tree
2nd Slide: My coat of arms
3rd Slide: Important places
4th Slide: Important events
5th Slide: Photos As shown, my Coat of arms represents my hobbies, family, motto and birthplace. Obviously the motto showns is not the one I live by, but represents my sarcastic personality and humor. Events:
1. My father leaving, and moving to Napier.
2. My brother leaving to live with his dad.
3. My sister leaving with her partner, Nick, to their own house, to take care of their kid, Lenyx
4. Getting the back of a hammer stuck in my head.
1. Lenyx being born.
2. Going to America, Australia and Vanuatu.
3. Bodyflying; (Standing on a big fan and flying.)
4. Getting my laptop.
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