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The Importance of Eating Breakfast

No description

Tina Hoang

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Healthy People 2020
Eating breakfast can help people achieve health equity and eliminate the disparities gap. Breakfast also improves the health of all age
groups, and...

College students are notorious for not having the sufficient amount of funds to eat healthier.
Breakfast is inconvenient to morning routines
Take Action...
Keeps the grouchiness and mood swings away!

Breakfast improves cognitive function including memory
skills needed for daily tasks

Memory skills improve exam scores ultimately benefiting academic performance, leading to increased classroom attendance.

The Importance of
Eating Breakfast
Breakfast Barriers
Skipping Breakfast is a No No...
Can lead to:
Unhealthy weight gain
Unhealthy snacking throughout the day
Lowered cognitive function
Mid-day tiredness
Unnecessary day time napping
Unhealthy eating habits
Unhealthy irritability and mood changes
Drinking, smoking and other drug uses
Cost Effective Solutions

Coupons can help you save drastically on groceries. To save as much as possible combine sales and coupons
Shop different supermarkets for different items. Each week supermarkets will have different items on sale.
Shop the clearance section in grocery stores. Usually these items are about to expire or the packaging may be damaged so they are discounted.
What's Yummy?
Granola bars high in fiber
Fresh and dried fruits
Yogurts - add various fruits and nuts
Dried cereals filled with whole
grains, vitamins, and wheat
Fruit smoothies
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"If so, how often?"
"And the Surveyors Said?"
"I'm too busy to eat breakfast, I don't have time" - J.W, 21
"Yes, because if I don't eat then I'll be super hungry throughout the day." - T.D, 20
"I tried to eat breakfast when I have time, so about every other day." - J.H, 23
"No, I never wake up early enough to eat" - S.L,21
"I'm not a breakfast person, I'm never hungry in the morning." -K.D, 20
Plan out breakfast meals in advance
The false pretense that cutting breakfast cuts weight
...Breakfast promotes quality
of life, healthy development
and healthy behaviors across
the life span.
Many young adults have low incomes and cannot afford to buy breakfast items.
Visit www.ChooseMyPlate.gov to learn how to eat healthy while on a budget
15 people
"Do you eat breakfast?

"If no, then why not?"
Buy in bulk
Use coupons
Bargain shop at various stores
Prepare breakfast items the night
before to save time in the mornings

Most prefer to sleep in
Skip Drive Thrus
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Feel fuller longer and prevent snacking on unhealthy items throughout the day.

Prevents overeating during meals later on in the day.

Breakfast improves glucose levels allowing for optimal focus on important tasks during the day
Stephanie Al-Ajba
Nam Phuong Hoang
Darlene Okpegbue
Morgan Patterson
Danielle Samuelson
Jr. 1 Level, Spring 2014
University of Texas at Arlington
College of Nursing
This presentation was prepared as an assignment for N3333, Health Promotion across the Lifespan

Breakfast Population
Created to educate the young adult population between the ages of 18 to 25 years of age who may or may not eat breakfast.
By the end of this presentation, young adults between the ages 18 and 25 will be able to understand how important breakfast is to the human body and be able to develop their own cost effective ideas of what is healthy to eat for breakfast.
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