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The People Component: Help Desk Roles And Responsibilities

The Roles and Responsibilities of people that run help desks

nick preece

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The People Component: Help Desk Roles And Responsibilities

technical skills stress management The People Component: Help Desk Roles and Responsibilities industry knowledge- knowledge of the company and goals Listening business skills the ability to understand and speak the language of business Business skills cost benefit analysis- senior help desk manager -aproves help desk budget -establishes help desk Mision Principal Job Categories Soft Skills definitions Aspect of a successful help desk team Supporting roles of a help desk Resource Desk senior help desk manager Help desk manager Team leader/Supervisor Team Leader/ Supervisor Call dispatchers Level One Analysts Level One Specialist Dispatcher: -Initially Handles customer problems, requests, or inquiries -Does not retain ownership on call when a dispatcher routs a call to level 1 analyst -Sometimes Retains ownership when routed to a level 2 group
-Primary job is to Log customer's incident accurately -Deals with hardware if at all Level one analyst: -Sometimes the level 1 analyst
is the first point
of contact What employers look for in Level one analysts -Technical skills that fit the needs of the customer based on the product -Broad base of technical knowledge verse extensive knowledge in 1 area. - The level one team makes a strong effort to resolve incidents when possible. And when it is not they hand the call off to the appropriate level. - delivers a solution when possible
-documents the solution
-if unable to come to a solution
they hand the case off to the proper team
-determines how quickly the customer needs the solution
_once solved they close the ticket compares cost and benefits and dertimns optimum solution return on investment- measures total financial benefit temperament- the term refers to the way a person thinks or reacts -and aproves hiring of staff' new technolodgy and new processes premotes value of the help desk help desk manager Works closely with senior manager to prepare budget plans Team leader Manages day to day help desk operation Monitors activity's such as SLA commitments, and performance of staff and how well they are trained knowledge base- is a collection of information A knowledge engineer develops and over sees the processes of retrieving information and makes sure it is accurate Skills needed service industry skills technical skills- being able to use the technology that the help desk supports SOFT SKILLS: qualities need to deliver great service EMPLOYERS VALUE SOFT SKILLS THE MOST WHEN HIRING HELP DESK EMPLOYEES 99% help desk employers say this is the mos important quality Active Listening is when the listener engages in conversation Verbal skills Customer service skills problem solving skills benchmarking the process of comparing help desk services root cause the most basic reason for why the problem occurs root cause analysis determining why problems occur and ways to prevent them depends on the customers technical needs (experience in customer service) All these skills fall under the 4 main skills technical skills soft skills self Management skills other soft skills Include: ability to be a team player writing skills ability to work logically questioning skills Self management Skills time management organization skills Learning and information-retrieval skills Business knowledge knowledge of business is becoming more typical no matter what field you go in to Business knowledge is more of a vital aspect to managers managers need to understand the importance of cost effective solutions to be able to communicate how your idea benefits in financial terms Knowledge base administration manages ALL THE INFO from ALL THEIR SORCES in to A knowledge base network monitoring activity that use tools to observe and control network performance to find information trends where the senior level one specialist chill at where front line responders get help with difficult incidents also where employees can receive training service management and improvement identifies and oversees improvements to the help desk developing and monitors performance reports soliciting calls to ensure customer satisfaction preforms benchmarking technical support very important part of help desk keeps the teams technology up to date (back ups, software ect.) creates plans for new technology that the desk could benefit from Training some help desks rely on a training department and other desks have single person or team that oversees the training needs develops training programs provides one on one training determines training needs help desk settings will always be changing and will never stay the same. so employees need to stay up to date to maintain effectiveness Ability to collaborate Effective communication Enhanced capability Consensus sought and reached sense of commitment
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