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Call to Action

No description

Haley Hobratschk

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Call to Action

Call to Action
Persuading your audience to DO something
Call to Action
you MUST have one in any kind of PERSUASIVE writing
could be anywhere - MOST LIKELY at the end of your paper
obviously tells your audience to DO something based on your argument

Example 1:
Maybe we ought to worry a little more about what girls learn: To hate and harm themselves.

Example 2:
We must seize this moment to act boldly on climate change.

Example 3:
If the Education Department heeds the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics, the march toward equality will stall.

Example 4:
One thing's for sure. If I'm ever in a public place with my mom or dad and bump into an acquaintance who doesn't speak Spanish, I will switch to English and introduce that person to my parents. They will respond in English, and do so with respect.

The Culture of Fiji Bites Thin
"The Ice Is Melting" by Ban Ki Moon
Ruth Connif,
Title IX: Political Football
Myram Marquez, "Why and Where We Speak Spanish in Public..."
This year at Copenhagen, we have a powerful opportunity to get on the right side of history. It’s an opportunity not only to avert disaster, but to launch a fundamental transformation of the global economy.
Example 5:
"The Ice is Melting"
by Ban Ki Moon
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