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The Boondocks

No description

Krystal Johnson

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of The Boondocks

"The New Black"
The Boondocks
Created by: Aaron McGruder
Genre: Satire, Black Comedy
The purpose: Satirizes African American culture and American politics as seen through the eyes of Huey Freeman.
The Boondocks
Target Audience
The jokes administered throughout not only the show, but the series would only be funny to some black people but mostly black adolescence because it relates to how they speak amongst each other and about each other.
Riley upsets the town when they find out he has called a boy at his school gay; but when they use the excuse of retarded, the situation escalates.
Episode 10, Season 4
"The New Black"
The target audience would mainly be people of color but mainly black people.
Social Content
People often say and do things with out thinking about it. It is "right" until it offends someone or a group then it's "wrong".
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