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Fashion PR

No description

Autumn Gilliam

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Fashion PR

Research Objective To learn about the thought process and efforts that go into the planning process for fashion brands in the U.S. versus the U.K.
What are best practices or important steps in the planning process? U.S. Research Design 3 Phone interviews
2 E-mail interviews
Secondary research
Fashion Library
various online databases Fashion Public Relations The Planning Process in Fashion Branding behind the Scenes White Book Agency Nancy Vaughn,
Principal PR & Marketing Director B Public Relations Sally-Anne Stevens
Managing Director Style House PR Rachel Braude, Account Director- Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Elle Communications Danielle Gano CEO, Entrepreneur, Publicist Rosetta Allison Peltz Fashion/ lifestyle blogger and Director, Social Media Strategist Plan for the UK UK Contacts Possible Questions In the spirit of support... This is about more than Fashion... Core PR skills are transferable across every PR specialty and subject area.

A new perspective on a little known avenue of PR.

Learn about what goes on behind the scenes of promoting fashion brands. •I'll need a job! Making connections with potential employers in the US fashion hubs and abroad.

• We all want to see each other succeed! U.S. Findings In Public Relations,
planning is planning. In Fashion the introductory phase is crucial. New Brands vs. Established Brands
a client’s vision and goals

5-10 year plan

The Brand Persona

Access to physical product

Current brand awareness/ media presence

An agreement on expectations "the first major thing I concentrate on is understanding where they've been and where they want to go, what does a 1 look like to them what's a 5? I need to see the project from their seat at the table."- Allison Peltz Newer brands often turn to PR because they're not sure what to do, but they know they need to do something to get the word out to a large audience. Established brands understand the importance of maintaining visibility and connecting with their clientele, and PR is a great solution. - Nancy Vaughn "We work very closely with our clients, and it's important to us that our clients are comfortable sharing their goals, concerns and growing pains. Equally important is our ability to be candid with them as superstardom doesn't happen overnight, it just looks like it does!" - Nancy Vaughn Just because it's fashion,
doesn't mean it's glamorous "The long hours and the pressure make this field the most challenging. When I believe in a client and their brand, I really feel responsible for their public success."
- Danielle Gano "Rectifying the needs of media outlets and the structure of our clients is probably the most challenging. Long hours too, that all has to be considered when you're working on strategy"
-Rachel Braude "Getting it right the first time is the hardest. If you neglect a detail in the planning stage, it can set your whole project off."
-Sally Anne Stevens What cultural differences are observed when you plan for US based clients versus UK based clients?
Do the brands you work with transfer well from the UK to US?
Do you consider additional demographics in the US and the UK in your planning process.
How important in transparency in the planning process?
Can you give me an example of a client you launched in the US and UK, what were the differences? The noteriety of the brand also dictates the direction of the planning process in branding. “I don’t think branding for a fashion company differs very much from a non fashion company, the challenge is still the same, the way that you approach a good plan for branding is pretty consistent” -Allison Peltz “I like projects where the brands are open to a new creative direction, whether that be a brand new brand or an established brand looking to be reenergized.” -Rachel Braude Best practices in planning for fashion brands
Plan WAY ahead

Creativity:Dont be afraid to take risks

Create consistent brand personas

Work collectively

Product Centric Strategy

Evolving Strategies "You can't buy brand loyalty, When re-branding carefully consider the 'why'"- Allison Peltz
Gap font debaucle Study Abroad
Global Advertising and Public Relations Fashion knows No 9-5 Deadlines of monthly fashion publications

Fashion seasons

Trend cycles First Meeting Tasks
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