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Hinduism Presentation

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Rose Compton

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Hinduism Presentation

Services There is no specific day of worship for Hinduism, but Sunday is popular. Services are also held throughout the week any time of day; however, the most sacred time to worship is 3 hours either side of dawn. Three Basic Philosophies
and Beliefs 1. Hindus have a strong belief in Samsara (reincarnation)
2. They believe in Karma (the universal law of cause and effect)
3. Hindus believe that the cosmos is populated by deities and spiritual beings who actively influence the world and interact with humans.
History of Religion Hinduism began inthe year 2000 BC
It's national origin is India
A prominent leader was Mahatma Ghandi
Important Events:
1. 800-300 BC - The 11 major upanishads are written.
2. 17th-19th Centuries - The Hindu Renaissance took place.
3. 1895 - Vedanta Society was founded by Vivekananda. Promotes Hindu as an official world religion and India as a single nation. Religious Customs 1. They don't wear footwear in homes, temples, and other holy places because those places are sacred and where worship is held.
2. They tie a black doll over the front door of their house to shop bad powers from entering the home.
3. Idols and pictures of Hindu deities don't face south because they believe hell is located in the south and paradise at the north. Statistics There is an estimated 1-1.3 million members in the U.S.
There are 947,874,613 members worldwide, with India being the leading nation with 800 million members.
There are approximately 10 Hindu temples in Missouri
There are approximately 200 Hindu temples in the U.S. THE END A World Religion Hinduism
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