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Nightmares in Red White and Blue: Chapters 6 and 7

The Modern Horror Film

Marcus Mallard

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Nightmares in Red White and Blue: Chapters 6 and 7

Chapter 6: The Modern american horror film Psycho The moment when the monster, as a metaphor
or myth, is conflated with the reality of our
modern world we recognize the monster's world as our own,
and the monster as an inherent part of it the same can be seen in another
hitchcock film, The birds (1963) In 1968, two other classic films were released night of the living dead Apocalyptic Cinema exteriorize the failure of human relations inability for characters to communicate isolationism racism sexism film style Black and White Guerilla Style this added to the verisimilitude,
or truth in the film.
everything seemed real Wartime Newsreel This film brought the real-world
fears of demonstration and war to
the forefront. So much so that the
film is often referred as hippie gothic. last house on the left cult cinema unflinching violence a tale of revenge family issues a deflowering of the love generation both the monsters and the victims are humanized seen as Craven's protest against the Vietnam War
horror films of the era The American Dream in Reverse Disruption of the Nuclear Family American Values vs. Hippie Values other notable films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Hills Have Eyes It's Alive Chapter 7: What the fifty foot woman did to the Incredible shrinking man women as the persecuted women are the "weaker sex" filmmakers thought the audience
would react to this better Robin Wood says: As men in patriarchal society have set women up on (compensatory) pedestals and, thereby, constructed them as oppressive and restrictive figures, they have developed a strong desire to knock them down again. women as monsters Dracula
Dracula's Daughter
Cat People
Weird Woman
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 1960s america America's sexual liberation
Feminist Movement
Intense Critical Analysis of the Genre
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