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DIY Projects and Ideas

My IT project

carly ross

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of DIY Projects and Ideas

Painting keys is an easy and fun way to
keep your keys organized! What is DIY? DIY stands for do it yourself. Its all about making creative crafts yourself with common house hold items.
Things like keys, paint, jars, christmas lights, and lots lots more! Easy and fun things to make for parties or just around the house! Making mason jar lights is a fun way to have lights out at an outdoor party or just around the house! Painted Keys What you'll need:
~nail polish or paint
~small brushes (if your using paint)
~news paper to cover the table of floor What to do:
1) lay the news paper down on the table or floor
2) lay your keys on the news paper
3) get your favorite colors of paint or polish
4) color away! Helpful hint:
Make sure you only
paint the head of the
If you paint the blade,
the paint will chip
your key won't look
good! Homemade Firefly Jar Making firefly jars is an easy and fun way for kid's nightlights or a beautiful light for an outdoor party! What you'll need:
~clear mason jar with a lid
~glow sticks
~diamond glitter What to do:
1) cut open a glow stick and empty it into the
2) add the diamond glitter
3) put the lid on and shake
4) set it out for all to see! Helpful hint:
The glow will last
about 6-8 hours! Just
about long enough for
kids to sleep (for a
nightlight) or an outdoor
party! Mason Jar Lights What you'll need:
~mason jars
~christmas lights Sources What to do:
1) take the lids off the jars
2) put the christmas lights in the jars
3) plug into an outlet and show them off! Helpful hint:
If you use twinkling lights,
it might give your lights a
more elegant feel to them! CRAFT IDEAS: ~http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/31-insanely-easy-and-clever-diy-projects ~http://pinterest.com/sulee53/crafts-using-household-items/ IMAGES: ~http://dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com/ ~http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-your-own-firefly-j-151451 ~http://totsandbottoms.blogspot.com/2010_12_01_archive.html D.I.Y
Projects and ideas Quick and easy DIY rings ~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D83hs83J9pM
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