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Regulatory Framework

Independant Learning Assignment

Catherine Manno

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Regulatory Framework

Self Guided Learning Activity
Friday, November 30th, 2012
Nursing 140 Nursing Governance WELCOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! For today's assignment, you as student nurses will be doing a scavenger hunt using both your Taylor text and the world wide web to uncover information about nursing governance, legal and regulatory nursing guidelines and some professional nursing organizations. Simply follow the path and the instructions along the way. Expect this to take approximately 1 hour. Take notes along the way as you will be directed toward a short quiz following the assignment to test what you have learned!

~GOOD LUCK and Have Fun!~ Using your Taylor text and the world wide web, answer the following: QUESTION #3 * Who issues TPP and RN/LPN Licenses to nurses in Pennsylvania?

* How does the RN renew her license and how often is this done?

* Read the "Letter to Student Nurses". How soon can you submit your application for a TPP?

* After reading the "letter to Student Nurses", tell me where you go to register for the NCLEX? QUESTION #4 You have completed your journey through the Regulatory Framework activity. Question #1 Using Chapter 7 in your text read about and answer the following: * List 4 "non-traditional" settings that nurses may now work in.

* List 4 sources of laws that exist on both the federal and state level and tell a little bit about each.

*As a graduate or licensed nurse, each state has something that protects the public by broadly defining the legal scope of nursing practice. This is called it's: _____ ________ ___. QUESTION #2 Use Chapter 7 in your Taylor text or the world wide web at:
to uncover the following information: * Where can you obtain a copy of your state's Nurse Practice Act?

* What are some repercussions that may occur should the nurse practice outside of their scope of practice?

* If nurses are interested in submitting suggestions to implement change to any part of their state's Nurse Practice Act, how should they do so? * What does NCLEX stand for?
* Who may take the NCLEX?
* What is the purpose of the NCLEX?
* Who is responsible for developing the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN?
* Upon graduation from an accredited nursing program, the student nurse is issued a TPP. What is this "TPP" and how long is it active for?
* How many times can the graduate nurse take the NCLEX if they do not pass it on their first try in Pennsylvania?
* What happens to the TPP if the graduate nurse does not pass their NCLEX on their first try?
Use the this website to answer the following questions:
QUESTION #5 Using chapter 7 in your Taylor text or the world wide web answer the following: * Where are nursing educational requirements documented for nurses in the state of Pennsylvania?

* How many continuing education credits (CEs) are required every two years for a registered nurse to renew their license in Pa?

* Which source of practice rules covers the following issues?:
~ Delegation, medication administration, unprofessional conduct & licensing
~ Personnel and employment policies, clinical procedures such as wound dressing changes, policies specific to the practice setting within an institution
~ Medicare and Medicaid provisions related to reimbursement for nursing services
~ Scope of practice fpr RNs, LPNs & CRNPs & nursing education requirements

QUESTION #6 Use chapter 7 in your Taylor text or the world wide web to answer the following: * Define the following:
~Credentialing -
~Accreditation -
~Licensure -
~Certification -

* The NLNAC is a very important commission. What is their primary responsibility? QUESTION #7 Several professional nursing organizations exist both for student nurses and licensed nurses. Use your Taylor text and the web to uncover the following information about these organizations: * Name 2 professional organizations in Pa that you could belong to as a student nurse.

* Upon graduation is is important that nurses belong to at least one professional organization. Name three professional organizations that you could belong to and tell a little bit about each one.

* Why is it important to belong to at least one professional organization?

QUESTION #8 Turn to page 129 in your Taylor text book. Read the section titled "Student Liability" and then answer the following: * Are you as a student nurse required to carry professional liability insurance?
* Where can you purchase this insurance?
* Who is ultimately responsible for the student nurse's actions on the clinical unit?
* What should the student nurse do if they, at any time, don't feel comfortable performing a procedure while at clinical?
* Can a nursing instructor be held responsible if a student nurse does something on the clinical unit which harms a client? What would the repercussions involve?
QUESTION #9 Double click the video box below to first watch this HIPAA Rap! Then, use your Taylor text and the the CDCs webpage http://www.cdc.gov/nhsn/FAQ_HIPPArules.html
to answer the follow questions regarding HIPAA: * Define what HIPAA stands for.

* What information is protected?

* For what disclosures and uses must consent be obtained by a provider?

* Are you as a student nurse required to follow the HIPAA rules and regulations?

* Case Study: A mother calls the doctor's office in which you are working as a graduate nurse. She requests that you give her the chlamydia results on her 14 year old daughter who was raped and subsequently seen in the emergency room where a rape kit was performed. The mother was the person who took her daughter in to be seen. You check the ER records and the patient's chart and can not find a release of information form signed by the 14 year old patient allowing you to give her mother this information. Since she is only 14 and her mother already knows about the rape and testing, is it okay to give her the results?
Now, go to your BlackBoard and complete the quiz under the content area for this class. This quiz will be reviewed by your instructor. Your score will be immediately visible following the quiz!
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