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Splendors and Glooms: Chapters 11-20

No description

joanne nguyen

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Splendors and Glooms: Chapters 11-20

Splendors and Glooms: Chapters 11-20
5 nights after Clara's disappearance. It was a foggy night, a hand reached out of the fog. It was Lizzie's hand. She was talking to Constable Hawkins.They were talking about Clara.He thought he should search her home again but she refused.
Chapter 12
Dr.Wintermute received an anonymous letter 3 days ago. it instructed him to go to Kensal Green Cementary and bring 10 thousand pounds.If he told anyone this,Clara's death will happen.If not,Clara will return safely.
Chapter 13
The witch was getting worse and worse everyday. She had a dream about Grisini. Then,she sat up wearily. She took her crystal globe and looked inside. She saw Grisini and 3 children. She then walked away and mirrors surrounded her.She then said "Grisini".
Chapter 14
Grisini ate til 9:00pm.He was excited to collect his 10 thousand pounds.Then,he thought to himself,why would Cassandra summon him for so many years?Then he left to Kensal Green cementary.But suddenly,Cassandra needed him.He either chose Casandra or the money.He walked back to the house.
Chapter 15
Parsefall was rehearsing ballet on a ballerina puppet.Grisini refused to teach him.Parsefall still had trouble.Lizzie was washing up Ruby.Grisini came home.He slapped Lizzie.Her neck was bleeding.Then,Grisini went downstairs.Sudennly,the stairs fell apart.They needed a surgeon for Grisini.
Chapter 16
Lizzie is feeling queasy about what happened last night.They were staying with Mrs.Pinchbeck.By the stairs,Grisini's body was gone.Then,Parsefall went to get there breakfast.When Pinchbeck woke up,the children ask her what happen to Grisini but she had no idea what happened to him.She thought Grisini just walked up and went away. She talked about what happened last night.Grisini didn't pay the rent,so that meant that Parsefall and Lizzie thought they were going to be homeless but they had Mrs.Pinchbeck by their side.
Chapeter 17
Grisini didn't come back.Until one day,the police came and wanted to ask Grisini some questions.But Pinchbeck told them what happen to Grisini.They left the house deeply shaken.Parsefall thought that Lizzie was busy by doing housework.Parsefall finally found his ballerina puppet.It was damange.He blamed it on Ruby.Bcause of this,they got into a fight.Next,Parsefall suggest that they should perform without Grisini but Lizzie didn't like idea.After a while,Lizzie talked to Parsefall what is happening and Mrs.Pinchbeck.Then,Parsefall found a puppet that looked like Clara.
Chapter 11
Chapter 18
The puppet of Clara was coming to life!She could move but not speak.Parsefall thought Grisini turned the real Clara to a living puppet and Lizzie thought Grisini just made a puppet EXACTLY like her.But parsefall was right!The puppet IS the REAl Clara and Grisini did change her but Clara doesn't know how she got into this.Now the problem is how on earth are they going to change Clara back to normal without Grisini?
Chapter 19
Grisini's head was bandaged up.He was at Cassandra house.Cassandra was no longer tall.Grisini was there for 9 days.Last time they met,Cassandra was young and Grisini but over months,they had gone old.Then,Grisini told the story about the fire opal.Who ever possessed it died by fire. Then, Cassandra asked "what do you mean when you said unless that night" and Grisini said "Unless the fire opal was stolen".Then she realized that Grisini tried to steal from her a long time ago.Then, they decide to do a test on children.Grisini will give Lizzie and Parsefall to Cassandra.They have to try to steal the fire opal.
Chapter 20
Clara has spent the last week on a mantelpiece so Ruby couldn't reach her.If Lizzie was cleaning and found something valueble,she placed it next to Clara.Then,Paresfall stringed Clara.She realy liked it because her bones were filled with air.Then,Lizzie and Ruby came home. She told great news to Parsefall.She took the gold watch and gave it o the pawnbroker and she got 10 quid.Grisini said they were poor but he was wrong.Then,Lizzie asked Parsefall "Did you know that Grisini is a theif?".And Parsefall knew about it.Next,Parsefall told the story about how he got to work with Grisini.WIth the ten quid they got,Lizzie wants to buy a new dress and Parsefall wants to goto expensive resturants because they were hungrey but they still have to pay the rent.
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