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Freedom of Speech vs Censorship

By Leah

Leah Hennessy

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Freedom of Speech vs Censorship

By Leah Freedom of Speech vs Censorship The Internet According to ... ...Google Freedom of speech ... ... ... and the University of Sydney It is widely held that free speech is a distinctive and privileged social kind But what is it actually??? I think it means the ability to express
our opinions freely without being punished Similar to what you think it is... Well that's what we have been told,
but if we haven't been told any of
the definitions on the two websites... But isn't that censorship????? There aren't many countries with complete freedom
of speech.... We have supposed freedom of
speech So who does??? The U S A do...
but is it complete freedom of speech
or is this slightly twisted?? The Supreme Court of the United States has excluded several categories from the freedom of speech. As it turns out, it
isn't complete. What is Censorship? L Uzbekistan,
and Belarus. I think it is... The practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and blocking unacceptable parts Well someone must agree with it since
so many countries are censored. But is it needed?? But which is better?? 17/30 said censorship 13/30 said freedom of speech Well censorship has some pros
and cons... Cons: But so does freedom
of speech Pros: Cons: Pros: Well for me it has to be... CENSORSHIP What about you?? I hope you enjoyed my presentation!!
:) I hope it
helped The 10 most censored countries 1. North Korea 2.Burma 3. Turkmenistan 4. Equatorial Guinea 5. Libya 6. Eritrea 7. Cuba 8. Uzbekistan 9. Syria 10. Belarus Feedback:
Mr Allison Says:
Add effects to the prezi to make it more interesting for the
Completed on the 25/2/13
Edit some of the colours so that you can see them against the background.
Completed on the 25/2/13

Class feedback:
Add clip art to the prezi In basic terms....
To say what you want, where-ever
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