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The Parent Child Bond in Lives of the Saints

No description

Paula Carcamo

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of The Parent Child Bond in Lives of the Saints

We see the relationship reach an all-time low when they get into one last argument before Cristina departs for Canada
“Then get out! Get out of this house! And if you ever step through that door again, I swear by God I’ll throttle you with my own hands!” (Ricci189).
After this, Cristina meets Antonio who takes over this father and brother role in her life. For example, when the men working on the ship begin making comments towards Cristina he becomes angry and feels the need to protect her
she trusts him the way a daughter trusts her father Cristina's relationship with her father at first their relationship seems that of a normal father and daughter, steady and respectable.
“ My grandfather was already hurrying down the terrace steps by the time I got to the bar, one hand gripping the rail and the other his cane” (Ricci 9).

We see the first disruption in the bond when Cristina returns from the hospital after being bitten by the snake and the village is beginning to realize she has been having an affair.
“A deep silence had descended on the house: the very walls, the floor, the splintered table seemed to have grown strangely distant and mute, as if guarding some secret about themselves” (Ricci 55). The Parent Child Bond Cristina's Relationship with her father
Vittorio and Cristina's relationship
Vittorio and La Maestra's relationship Cristina and Vittorio's relationship At the beginning their relationship appears to be positive with Cristina being the most important figure in his life.
“…But instead of thinking to wear them in the village or to show them to my friend Fabrizio, I hid them under the mattress like dangerous things, and in the morning I found that the lenses had shattered against the bed springs; I collected up the fragments in a handkerchief and took them along with the frame out to the pasture when I went to tend the sheep” (Ricci 28-29).

After the village has become aware of Cristina’s affair and speculates she may be pregnant, Vittorio gets into a fight with Vincenzo Maiale
"You tell your son Vincenzo…that if he lays another finger on my son, I’ll tear out your eyes and feed it to the dogs! To the dogs!” (Ricci 111). The biggest change in the bond arrives after Cristina’s second trip to the hospital where there is very little communication between her and Vittorio.
“It was only to send me on these errands that she spoke to me now; other times she hardly seemed to notice me presence, her face expressionless as a ghost’s, as if the swelling in her stomach had sucked all the life out of her” (Ricci 133-134). Vittorio and La Maestra's relationship At the beginning of the novel, we think La Maestra is strict with Vittorio
" Vittorio Innocente is intelligent but lazy.However, if La signora doesn't interest herself in his education, there is nothing to be done" (Ricci 3).

Towards the middle of the book, La Maestra begins to directly show her kindness to Vittorio by making him stay after classes because of the fact she knows how hard things are for him at home.
"...I was grateful nonetheless to be spared half an hour or so from returning home; but sometimes I'd look up from my corn broom and catch the teacher staring at me with her wet eyed look of pity, and something inside me would grow cold" (Ricci 135). The Parent Child Bond Nino Ricci demonstrates that even the most caring parent child bonds can lead to disappointment, ultimately leaving the characters to seek for this crucial relationship elsewhere. La Maestra begins to read her Lives of the Saints book to Vittorio every day after school and it soon becomes the only daily ritual he looks forward to.
"I could no longer hide from myself the vague longing that focused each day now on the teachers afternoon readings or deny the disappointment I felt when the reading was finished and I had to return again to the thickening gloom of my grandfather's house" (Ricci 137) Would you describe Cristina and Vittorio's relationship as positive or negative?
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