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Walt Whitman

No description

ank rains

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Walt Whitman

Life as a Journalist
Early Life
Grew up in New York with 9 siblings
Exposed to literature at age 12
Self taught, enthralled by Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and Bible
Worked as a printer until 17
Early Career
In 1836 At the age of seventeen, Whitman began his career as a schoolteacher that lasted until 1841
Turned to journalism as a full time career
Founded the
Long Islander
, a weekly newspaper
Whitman's Hardships
Worked as a freelance writer during the Civil War, vowing to live a purged and cleansed life.
Edited numerous newspapers in Brooklyn and New York
In 1848, moving to New Orleans due to his career, he became fully exposed to the horrors of slavery
Founded a Free Soil newspaper,
The Brooklyn Freeman
Life as a Poet
Whitman struggled to support himself throughout his life
He was very magnanimous while working in Washington
He had a meager salary and took any extra money and gifts he collected to help pay for supplies to tend to his patients, any extra money was spent on his mother and "brother"
Whitman would receive donations from other writers in England and the US to help him pay expenses
James R. Osgood donated Whitman enough money to buy himself a house because his stroke had rendered him incapable of working in Washington to tend to the sick and wounded
After suffering a stroke, he was unable to leave his brother's home and finished his second-to-last work,
Leaves of Grass
He spent his dying years editing his final work
Good-Bye, My Fancy
He did not gain much notoriety during his lifetime despite how prolific of a writer he was
Even though he was not very popular during his lifetime, many people came to his funeral
He was buried in a tomb that he had designed and built in Harleigh Cemetery
Impact of the Civil War
living a clean life
Whitman stayed in the cities and worked in the hospitals 11 years.
Worked as a clerk for Department of the Interior.
Walt Whitman
Ankit Raina, Hatim Amiji, Gavin Bond, Suraj Manoj
Early Life Cont.
In 1848, Whitman founded the
Brooklyn Freeman newspaper and developed his unique poetry style.
His style focused on the America around him and how it was different than contemporary Europe.
In 1855, Whitman copyrighted his book Leaves of Grass, which contained 12 poems and released a second edition in 1856, which 33 poems
Began working as school teacher at 17
Full-time journalist in 1841
Founded and Edited a number of newspapers
First Experienced Slavery in New Orleans
Philosophy of Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman devoted himself to a pure and cleansed life
Adamantly opposed the Civil War, shared Transcendentalist views; Emerson agreed with his work
Believed that the chief duty of the poet was to express his personality in his verse; strongly influenced by Romanticism
Main goal was to transcend traditional topics and allow his readers to undergo realization and reflection on both themselves and their American identity.
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