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Jeremy thatcher dragon hatcher.

By:Gage Locke

Beth Gordon

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Jeremy thatcher dragon hatcher.

Jeremy is a brave and intelligent boy. He is intelligent when he decides what to do with his dragon. He is also friendly. He is friendly when he lets Mary help raise the dragon.
Mary is a caring little girl. She is caring when she helps Jeremy carry his books home. She is also anxious when she wanted to figure out what Jeremy was doing in his room.
Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher

Compare & Contrast
always wanting to know something- anxious/curious
you could trust them for anything- trustworthy
isn't scared of anything- fearless/brave
By: Gage Locke
figures everything out- clever
their willing to make friends- friendly
she treats every one equally- fair
Jeremy was walking home from school, when Mary started chasing him.
A magic store appears ,and Mary disappears.
He byes a dragon egg from the store.
It was midnight when he heard a crack and a screach.
Author: Bruse Coville
It was the dragon the egg that he thought was a stone hatched , and a beautiful dragon.
the dragon was growng fast. It's losing teath and it's shedding it's skin.
Jeremy/Mary was on their own trieing to raise this little dragon.
I really recommend this book to people who likes dragons, and magic. This book is a true example of friend ship. I really recommend this book, I would give this book five stars.
Friends are there forever.
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