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No description

Carlos Aguilar

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of THE WATER

And in all the world?!
And in all Europe?
(In one day)
The Water Escuela2.
Did you know that you need 2,5 liters to make one liter of coca-cola?
In Europe, we consume 462.500.000 liters of water in one year.
How much water do we need for one ice rink?
The glass (car's windows)

If a car's window weight is 2kg, and there are six windows, we use 84 liters of water to make the windows of a car.
Did you know how much water we need to make one liter of beer?
To produce 1 liter of beer is need 3,7 liters of water.
In one year we consumed 147.600 millions of liters of beer in one year.

We consumed 546.120 millions of liters of water in one year.

-Ice Rink
-The glass (car's windows)
-Pizza margarita
-We drink...

we dr!nk...
1 person needs 2 liters a day
If in the world we make around
of cars each year, we spend
liters of water only making car's windows!!!

fourteen billion L
(In one day)
We use 7 liters to make 1kg of glass.
The Pizza Margarita
Did you know that to make a pizza margarita, you need a total of 1200 liters of water?

-288 liters of water to cultivate the wheat .
-38 litres of water the tomatoes.
-840 liters to feed the buffalo which do mozzarella

one day a pizzeria more or less 100 pizzas we would need 120,000 litres of water

and if it continues in one week more than 840000 liters L
(In one year)
5 hundred billions
2.760.000.000 L
3 millions
536.550.000.000 L

2.760.000.000 L
+/- half hundred million
To an ice rink of 450m2 we need about 31.500 l
If in Europe there are 2.460 ice rinks we need...
720 L
60L for person
77.490.000 liters of water
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