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Minerva (Athena)

This powerpoint is about the Roman goddess Minerva.

Katie Stanton

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Minerva (Athena)

By: Katie Stanton The goddess Minerva Renowned For Her Appearance Minerva was always pictured by the Etruscan people to wear a helmet and a breastplate. Her wisdom artistry She is also known as Menrva, Menfra, Mera, and Merva. She is part of a triad (She, Jupiter, and Juno) that were famous on Capital Hill. People worship her as the God of music, arts, and crafts. Minerva was born from Jupiter's head when he had a terrible headache. Vulcan (the smith of gods ripped Jupiter's head open thus Minerva was born. She was born with weapons and she was the creator of the pain inside of Jupiter's head. Since she was born from Jupiter's head she is his daughter. She always carried a shield in one hand and a spear in the opposite. Most people think because she carries these weapons on hand that she is daughter of Tinia god of the sky. Also because she carried her weapons many think she is the goddess of war.
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