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Family matters

No description

seula koo

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Family matters

Family matters single mothers Fathers' rights Superwoman Small & Big Family Nowadays... The Past...
Survey Q. Would you like to be in a bigger or smaller family? A. Big Family - 40%
Small Family - 60% Q.why? A. The problem of Small Famliy - The number of old men who live alone increases. - Weakening the value of Family. - divorces - disappearance from home Q. What would you prefer your mother being a superwoman or housewife? Survey A. superwoman - 55 %
housewife - 45 % (Qusetion only for woman)
Q. suppose you have a job. Then if you have a baby, should you quit your job? A. yes - 86.7 %
No - 13.3 % Koo Seul-A Lee Jung_Min 2010131020 2010134033 case. Courtney Cassidy she has 3 children who have diffrent father. single mother is a woman who cares for one or more children without the assistance of the other biologycal parents in the home.
1st child...
-14years old.
-The father of her first child... 2nd child...
-16years old.
-The father of her second child.. 3rd child
-18years old
-the father of her third child... Survey Q. what is the most difficult problem for single mother, do you think? A. Economic problem - 42.5 %
Negative eyes of others - 45 %
Unstable emotion of child - 12.5 %
The stress of herself, the fact that she is single mom - 7.5 %
Others - 2.5 % Q. What do you think about the single mom? A. Sympathy - 62.5 %
laxness - 17.5 %
others - 20 % Life of score 56 survey Q. How long do you talk with your father per day? Q. How long do you talk with your mother per day? A. less than 30minutes - 70 %
0.5~1 hour - 17.5 %
1~ 2 hours - 10 %
more than 2 hours - 2.5 % A. less than 30minutes - 37.5 %
0.5~1 hour - 25 %
1~ 2 hours - 25 %
more than 2 hours - 12.5 % Q.If you have worries, do you consult with your father first? A. Yes - 15 %
No - 85 %
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