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Hush Hush

No description

Justin Stephens

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Hush Hush

Protagonist and Antagonist
The main character of a work of literature who experiences conflict and undergoes a permanent change.

The person or force working against the main character
Setting- The time and place in which the events of a work of literature take place
The Way out
Hush Hush
By Becca Fitzpatrick
Published: 2009

Presented by: Justin Stephens
Taylor Welch
May 5, 2014
Ms Glassford
Literary Analysis Prezi Project
Coldwater, Maine
Affect on Story:
It adds to the continuos suspense in the story
Pages 7-13: Patch, Nora, and Vee are introduced in biology class.
Affect on Work:
I think they introduce the characters too early in the story to get along with
Exposition - Part of the stories that tells who the characters are and the conflict.

Affect on Work:
It shows that you never know who's good or bad; Evil is everywhere.
Theme- The truth about life revealed in a work of literature.
You never know where evil lies
Affect on Work: The seemingly most reserved people can actually be evil
Pages 377-379: Nora sacrifices herself to kill Jules and save Patch
Page 309-310: Patch wants to become human but must kill Nora to do it
Affect on Work: Patch feelings change and unexpected bonus occurs when Patch falls in love with Nora
Page 382: Patch says "What good is a body if I can't have you? Throughout the book, Patch tried to kill Nora before he fell in love with her
Affect on Work: No matter how much she tries to deny it, she feels the same way about Patch as he feels about her; she loves him
Resolution- When characters' problems are solved

Rising Action
Pages 112-113: When Patch and Nora ride
Rising Action- a related, series of events in a story that build up to the climax.
Affect on Work:
It spooks Nora and adds to her suspicions of Patch
Climax - The most emotional or suspenseful moment
Affect on Work:
This shows how naive Nora is
"What about Dabria?" I asked still breathing hard. "She's the same thing you are, isn't she? You're both angels".
Falling Action- the point when the conflict between the antagonist and protagonist unravels or is resolved.
Falling Action
Pages 350-360: Nora going to the gym at Coldwater High to save Vee
Affect on Work: This makes Nora reflect on all the weird things that she'd seen the things she thought were his doing
Genre- category of artistic works: one of the categories, based on form, style, or subject matter, into which artistic works of all kinds can be divided.
Pages 305-312: fantasy, adventure
Affect on Work: The things that happen in this book only happen in fantasies
Mood - Overall emotion created by a work of literature (reader’s feelings).
Pages 112-113: Reluctance. Reluctance to accept what is unnatural
Affect on Work: It shows that the characters are stubborn and aren't very acceptable to change
Tone- The attitude that a writer takes toward the audience, a subject, or a character.

Pages 27-28: Dark, mysterious
Affect on Work: It adds to the suspense and thrill of the story, which prompts the reader to keep reading
Point of View - Vantage point or from whose view the story is being told
Point of View
Page 7: 1st person-Nora
The reader gets to see Nora's emotions. As well as her perception of the other characters
Allusion- a reference to a familiar person, place, thing, or event that gives a reader a point of reference in a passage

Page 360: Jules refers to Elliot as a pauper among princes, since he's going to a rich school despite not being rich
Affect on Work: This shows us that Jules is manipulative and only cares about himself
Conflict- A struggle or clash between opposing forces

Situational Irony- Occurs when what happens is very different from what is expected to happen
Affect on Work: Patch's feelings about Nora change.
Situational Irony
Dynamic Character- One who undergoes a permanent change in some aspect of character or outlook.

Dynamic Character
Page 382: Patch- His feelings toward Nora go from wanting to kill her to wanting to protect her
Affect on Work: This shows that love works in mysterious ways and very powerful
Static Character- One who is the same sort of person at the end of the story as the beginning.
Static Character
Page 388: Vee
Affect on Work: It will take a lot for Vee to change; she is still the same oblivious, boy-crazed girl she was before
Symbol - A person, a place, a thing, or an event that has its own meaning and stands for something beyond itself as well.

Page 97: The Archangel Ride. The archangels are supposed to be important angels yet most of the ride is a vertical drop, symbolizing a fall from heaven
Affect on Work: This shows that no one is really pure, since they all do things they wouldn't normally do, they fall.
Atmosphere- the overall mood or emotion of a work of literature

Page 299: secretive; reserved
Affect on Work: There's always a secret or something that isn't revealed completely
Suspense- The uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next in the story

Page 268- 275: Nora is scared and feels like something bad is about to happen, but it doesn't
Affect on Work: It feels like your sharing her emotions; like you know exactly how she feels.
Internal Conflict- A conflict that takes place within a character's mind

Internal Conflict
Page 124-125: Nora doesn't trust herself around Patch
Affect on Work: She's confused about her feelings.
External Conflict- A struggle with an outside force

External Conflict
Page 344: Elliot keeps trying to scare Nora into doing what he wants
Affect on Work: Elliot is clearly working for someone and isn't very tough
Foreshadowing- The use of clues to suggest events that will happen later in the plot

Page 136-140: Vee is attacked by someone thinking she was Nora
Affect on Work: This hints that whoever attacked her is going to do something.
Motivation- Any force that drives or moves the character to behave some way

Page 96-127: Patch tells Nora that she doesn't need to wear makeup, and she listens
Affect on Work: Nora really cares about what Patch says, and his impression of her, even if she doesn't agree.
Connotation- The feelings and associations that a word suggests.

Page 76: Patch calls her Angel, implying that she's innocent and vulnerable
Affect on Work: Nora really is a simple, innocent person. She's so innocent that someone else see's it
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